White eye shadow

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    A common question I often get is what I recommend for white eye shadows, so now I thought I would address it in a post :)

    It is not super easy to find a good white eye shadow, because many are not rich enough in pigment and can then easily look greyish in the make-up.

    And it also differs a bit depending on whether you want a matte or a shimmery shade, there are many shimmery whites that are nice, but finding a chalk-white matte shade is not the easiest thing actually.

    But Paese, one of my favorite brands, they have two wonderfully good white eye shadows that I was going to show you closer now!

    chalk white eye shadow

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    To the left you see the matte eyeshadow Paese Kashmir Eyeshadow in shade 601.
    To the right you see the shimmery eye shadow Paese Diamond Eyeshadow in shade 7.

    As you can see, both shadows are both very rich in pigment and chalk white, and you just have to choose whether you want a shimmery or matte :) They are incredibly easy to apply and work with, and you get the best results as usual with an eyeshadow primer , but in this picture I have nothing like that under the colors.

    The matte shade is soon sold out, but I have ordered new ones that should come tomorrow, I keep my fingers crossed for that.

    The price is only SEK 49! :)

    white eye shadow

    The jars are big too, so they will probably last a whole lifetime, it feels like haha.

    On this make-up I have used the matte white shade:


    Hugs are ♥

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