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    Do you follow the series "Under the same roof" on svt? It's so much fun, you have to watch it !! :)

    Yesterday I watched the 5th episode which is about the young and the old to style each other, and I who love change could not help but peek at the TV cliff in the quarter even though it was really only in the background when I worked!

    I, who partly work with fixing eyebrows, could not help but laugh when Rosanna would cut her eyebrows at Christer - "My responsibility is to fix his face. I do not know how to do, I just played that I knew how to do", Haha, this is what it looked like then:


    Hairdressing scissors and comb :) Luckily they would only be groomed a little, otherwise it would not have been easy!

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    Too bad they did not succeed with the hair color, he would be brown-haired but immediately when I saw how they did I thought "that will probably not make any difference at all". You did not get to look so closely in the episode, but do they think they put eye shadow on their hair instead of saving the situation?

    They used a color wrap, you know a color bomb from Revlon, but the hair must be treated before if one is to work. Color wraps can therefore not be used as a hair color in that way, you can e.g. do not use it to freshen up the growth, etc. because it does not attach to "new" hair.


    So now you know if you did not know it before :)

    I could easily have worked full time to redo private individuals, so much fun! Both styling and psychology! A good future plan maybe, when I'm type 50?

    Now I have to run to the bus, have a lot of eyebrow customers at Creative Make Up today so it's super fun! But I leave the hairdressing scissors at home;)

    Hugs are ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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