Walk in closet - for my products!

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    It was a bit quiet on the blog during this long weekend as I was busy with other things, mostly useful but also a bit of rest;)

    Among other things, I spent my entire Saturday, from morning to night, completing my study at home in the house! So nice and fun that I am finally done! I love hanging out in there now, it's my happy place hihi.

    You who follow me on Instagram (@ imakeyousmile.se) perhaps saw my insta story videos from the result? So happy girl! It's much easier to show everything on film, but at least thought to offer some pictures here in the blog as well :)

    The whole room is a walk in closet - for my products! How wonderful? And then I have a dressing table and film / photo stuff in the middle of the room.

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    Here you see part of one shelf! On this I have hair care, press mail with skin care, hair care and other things (to be tested) as well as base make-up on the lower shelves with everything from primers, foundations, contouring products and blush.

    And here is the other wall, on the left side are perfumes, lip makeup, brow makeup and eye shadows. The bottom shelf is a press release with make-up (to be tested). And to the right is skin care from top to bottom, from shower and shaving products to facial cleansers, creams and sun products. At the bottom is a cozy shelf with scented candles and fragrant beach balls :)

    Reason for this workspace
    This whole workroom is completely reasonable in my opinion haha! But to be completely honest, I thought when I sat in there after finally finishing "wondering if I'm a genius who did this, or if I'm just disturbed in my head?" Lol! I do not even use all products and it is completely crazy how much time I spent.

    Reason 1: Why I made this workroom is partly because it became difficult to do all the make-up in the salon (as I did before). I therefore decided to start doing all the make-up and product tests at home and only have a small office space in the salon. At work, I get interrupted when I put on make-up and everything takes much longer, I have had to take drop-in customers with eyeliner on only one eye, and sometimes the make-up has not been done at all as other things have had to be prioritized before. All things that are company jobs are full time just that, so better if I can put all the focus on it when I'm at the salon and that the makeup is done already in the morning.

    Reason 2: The second reason is that now that I have inherited a house and live with my sister and her two children, it is not just me who has the use of the products, and then it is great fun with a luxurious room that everyone has use of! Before the shower, they go in here and pick up ”this body scrub, this face mask and this hair wrap I will have today”. Such a luxury! We are worth it after the last year, I think! Why not treat yourself to a luxury room as well? ;)

    Reason 3: When I opened the salon, there has been full focus on everything in Uppsala, which has made me ask myself the question "what do I want to invest in the most?”. Because sometimes it has felt like I have ended up in something in between where I (although of course I have done a lot of good) have done such a job that is not visible, which reduces the motivation enormously… It is mostly our staff who take customers to the salon at the same time as my blog and the webshop that I used to work with 100% has been overshadowed.

    But my new focus is to make more posts and material for the webshop, and start with movies on how all products are used, etc. And it would have been impossible at work, it was hardly possible to film there at all as there was a lot of noise outside the door or that I did not had time to be on "do not disturb-mode" inside the room. I also had to refurnish every time I was going to film and all the films were just stress… But now I can plan films, sit undisturbed and my room is adapted with light and practical furniture to both take photos and film without having to change!

    I think it's 100% worth it in the end because I LOVE my new workspace. I'm pretty minimalist when it comes to everything else, need no flashy stuff or an expensive wardrobe, but I love my products and am so happy to see them stand nicely on the shelves! Am I mentally ill? Disturbed in a good way maybe :)

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    But if I had known how much work it would be, I would have known a thousand if I had had the strength to start haha!

    We have done this:

    1. Dampened the walls and removed all the blue wallpaper
    2. Sanded, plastered and painted on walls and ceilings, several layers
    3. Sanded the wooden floors (took a thousand years! I never do this again I feel now haha)
    4. Stained the floor and varnished two coats
    5. Painted shelves (used and stood in the house before, but were wood-colored)
    6. Brought home all products and photo stuff from work in Uppsala
    7. Sorted and cleaned all products (such as those that lay under a bag under a bag that leaked oil and spilled powder haha). As well as cleared away the products that are old.
    8. Furnished room with all freshly painted and moved shelves, tables, dressers.
    9. Sorted all products by "nails" "lip makeup" "facial care" "blush" etc…
    10. Organized all products so that it is both nice and practical AND that there is room for filling;) on shelves and in drawers.

    We started in January, and I finished just in time for May, wow! :)

    What do you think of my nail polish shelf then? ♥ Sorted in color order and all the old ones are thrown away, so nice!

    Mom made a lot of juice, jam, etc. AND was a collector of good-to-have things, you can imagine how many old jars we have in the basement haha. But now several of them have actually got a good area of use - perfect for my makeup brushes! Feels nice :)

    And this is what my dressing table and photo place look like! I have two drawers inside the table with things I use very often, and in addition to a napkin cube, tops, brushes and a small mirror, I have the whole table completely clean. Also feels really nice :)

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    The large square candles and the ring candle are just lamps, they are good both for photography, film and to get good light when I put on make-up. And the shining dot over the ring light is a flash that flashes when I take a picture of this card.

    I think the light is a bit greenish in the film camera, which I will try to solve in some way (suggestion?) But other than that, the light is absolutely perfect!

    My mirror from sminkspegel.se is currently still at work. I miss it, but I put the camera in the middle of the ringlight and take pictures with the remote shutter release, if I had a large mirror in between, it would have been in the way. So I will find a better place for my nice makeup mirror :)

    Tired but happy girl late on Saturday night!

    Hope you think it's fun with an insight into my new happy place :) ♥




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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. So heavenly nice. So heavenly smart. How heavenly worth it is you! Everything just fine, not disturbed! Have a nice weekend! 😃😃

    2. If you can do things that make your life easier and make you less stressed, it is wise to do it, not disturbed. :) I think it is completely reasonable when it is your job and you also have room for it. Very nice! Hug

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