Waterclouds shampoo & hairmask

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The other day, both me and Miska tested Waterclouds shampoo and hair wrap while we took a hot bath, so cozy to do it together even though it's a bit crowded :)

I got these home in a press release and have a little hard to understand why the conditioner was not included, and it says in the shampoo description that you should finish with the hair wrap for best results. But do you know that you should also have conditioner even on the days you do wrapping? :) The shampoo opens the strands, wrapping takes care of the depth and conditioner closes the hair again. So you should finish with conditioner anyway.


Shampoo Repair:
“A mild and gentle shampoo for dry and damaged hair. With ingredients like macadamia oil,
cloudberry oil and sea minerals deeply moisturize Repair Shampoo and make the hair soft and
compliant without weighing it down. ”

Award: 146 kr
Instructions: Wet hair, shampoo and rinse. For better effect finish with Repair Hairmask.
Active ingredients: Cloudberry seed oil, Macadamia nut oil, Sea care, Sea minerals.

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My opinion: The shampoo smells fresh and good and foams well in the hair.


Hairmask Repair:
“A hair mask for dry and damaged hair that makes the hair soft and supple without weighing it down.
With the help of macadamia oil and cloudberry oil, the mask moisturizes both hair and scalp as well
contributes to a smooth hair with a lot of luster. Waterclouds Repair Hairmask also contains
Decavital B5 / Provitamin B5 which binds moisture and protects the hair from drying out. ”

Instructions: Wet the hair, massage in and let sit for 5min, rinse out.
Active ingredients: Dekavital B5 / provitamin B5 Cloudberry seed oil, Macadamia nut oil, Sea care, Sea minerals.
Tip: Heat increases the effect
Award: 167 kr

My opinion: Smells fresh and gone and is easy to work into the hair. The texture is creamy and delicious.

End result:
I: Actually, I think you have to use certain hair products for a long time to get good results, and this can be such a mark as I did not notice any major wow feeling on my hair despite all the good ingredients. On the other hand, I compare with Sanctum which I use otherwise which I really love, so it may be that the freshly showered feeling in the hair did not feel special because I am used to the best :) But absolutely the hair was soft and smooth, I have nothing negative to say!

Miska: Miska actually experienced that the hair felt dry afterwards. It may be that the sulfates in the shampoo gave that result as I have read that it can be quite dehydrating (note I am not very well versed in this subject yet). I thought it could be that his hair is used to silicones and then the hair can feel dry at first if you do not use it. But I now read that the products contain both sulfates and silicones so that can not be the problem. The products simply did not suit his hair.


Now I have tested both shampoo, hair wrap, conditioner spray and hair oil from Waterclouds and can say that the only thing I really loved is the hair oil, but that everything is good except the conditioner spray which I did not like at all.

Have you read about silicones and such substances? I myself only know that there is a big difference between silicones and silicones, cheap brands use "bad silicones" that can not be washed off but good brands contain fine silicones that you do not have to worry about. How well-educated are you? Do you have any info to contribute? :)

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