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Today I have freshly varnished nails with Löwengrip Care & Colors' new nail polish in the colors Achieveand Aptitude, a pale pink and a darker rather "soft" pink color.

I mixed them on a little different nails, I think super nice and am super happy with the result! :)


Aptitude - "Giftedness and knowledge is not something created overnight, it is something that you have in you. When in doubt, paint helps you pick out your strengths. ”  Aptitude is the pale pink color and is super nice now in the summer when you have become a little tan, which I am not in itself, but the sister was here recently and tested it and it was great on her :)

Achieve- “You can achieve what you want. All your goals can be realized. Let this varnish remind you of that. ”  My favorite is the shade Achieve, it is as I said quite soft pink, so not bright at all but discreet at the same time as it is colorful. Me like!

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I like the inspiring lyrics and the thoughtful names! I do not know if it works in practice, that you remember what the color you are wearing stands for, etc., but such sentences you need to hear often and also it is fun with some unique names that enliven life :)


I love everything that belongs to the application with these varnishes! The texture is perfectly thin without becoming runny, the brush is reasonably wide and is very easy to work with, in addition, the varnish is self-leveling, which means that it is even over the nail even if you have accidentally applied it a little unevenly.

The varnish is not completely opaque at the first coat, but that is probably the point as the result is incredibly fine and natural after only one coat. It depends on what effect you are looking for. A layer is perfect if you naturally have very nice nails that you just want to spruce up with a nice "glowig" shade while your own nail shines through. Aptitude is less comprehensive than Achieve. I have two coats of Achieve and three coats of Aptitude on my nails to cover my yellow salon nails underneath.

The only negative is that it takes a while for the varnish to dry, both with one coat and if you apply more. It gets dust dry quickly but there are marks in it for quite some time.


The packaging with its rounded shapes is great I think! Simple but stylish.


The nail polish costs SEK 119 NordicFeelThis is the description on the website (the parentheses are my own opinions):

- Free from DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde.
- Super gloss and quick drying. (Very nice gloss, but not very quick-drying compared to many other varnishes.)
- Long shelf life. (Have not put this to the test yet, may return after I have had it for a while!)
- Easy to apply, the consistency works together with the brush and makes the surface self-leveling! (Yes this was incredibly good, thumbs up!)

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What do you think? Nice colors huh? :)

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  1. Very nice colors. It will be fun to hear if the paint fits well.
    Have almost always used Isadora's varnish but are tired because it is not possible to paint nicely with them anymore. It just gets striped and not so nice.

  2. Very nice but do not understand how you can work with such haha ,,, have myself had, thought it was messy with everything, but it is so delicious.And the shape of the nails is so nice :)

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