Nails of the Week - Lake Blue

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I have had light nails for several weeks now, I quite rarely use dark nail polish because I think light is much more fun and fresher, on myself then :)

But now I wanted some variety and changed to the dark nail polish Lumene Gel Effect* in the shade Lake Blue, and I ääää love it!


I have several of Lumene's Gel Effect varnishes at home, but I have probably not tested this particular shade because I have gone all in on their lighter colors instead. But when I and Caroline talked about these on the train on Tuesday, I got the urge to bring them out again and try a different shade - and I absolutely do not regret it! :)

The shade Lake Blue is a blue shade that goes in the dark denim blue direction. In some lights it looks more clear blue but usually it is a softer gray-blue shade.

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Super nice! Do you agree? :)

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Helena Amiley
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  1. That was nice! I'm the other way around, I do not think it fits in bright colors. But will try sometime! :)
    My nails like to fall off, so they never have the same length. It is natural ^^

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