Weekend photos

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    Thought to offer a little more everyday pictures from the weekend, when we have again been out in the country with my dear grandmother!

    Perfect sofa Ariel :) Ariel and I are just as old actually, both were born in 93!

    20140329_121747_111The farm and smock full of cute lambs, this little treat has a sore leg and has become a "bottle clam" that you have to feed with a baby bottle. Cutest!



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    Miska's nephew Collin was also there (6 years), and was very fascinated when he found a skeleton in the forest "A REAL dinosaur !!!"  he shouted and nagged to take it home, haha. His dad had probably been happy enough then;)

    Now I'll cook some breakfast before it's time to go to Uppsala to drive Collin home (we are babysitters). Is just over today, when I was both a drunk driver yesterday and that the clock was set for an hour as well. And Collin is damn morning alert ..

    Hope you had as great a weekend as I did! :) Hugs!

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