Werlabs Review - How Does It Work?

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    How does Werlabs work? Here I have summarized my Werlabs Review and how I experienced everything when I went and tested myself :) Have you tested Blodkollen or Werlabs?

    Werlabs blood test XL fast

    Everything with the sampling went well, but I would fast before and I'm hard stuck so I think it's a little uncomfortable. This is how I sit afterwards and eat a late breakfast and feel a little sorry for myself, haha! So it became a chocolate ball too ♥

    Werlab's health checks, what can they check?

    Werlabs has several health checks via blood tests and can check allergies, fertility & pregnancy, vitamins & minerals, body / organs & hormones.

    You go to the health center and get tested if you suspect that something is not right, but if you just want to do it as a check then you can book a blood test via Werlabs! A doctor's comment afterwards is also included.

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    It was Annika who actually told me about this, who did it for fertility & pregnancy when she inseminated herself.

    They also have different sizes of health checks where they test several things, so it is easy to choose the one that fits! I myself chose the health package XL which shows 33 different test results.

    Read more about all the controls they have here (adlink)

    Werlabs how long does it take to get an answer?

    You usually get your results with doctor comments within 48 hours.

    When Werlabs receives results from samples, they are sent out to you on an ongoing basis. The time varies depending on whether the sample must be sent on for analysis or can be done on site. However, you will have to wait for a final medical evaluation until all the results are ready. However, Werlabs does not release complete test results without a doctor's comment.

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    My review - Health check XL

    I did health check XL.

    I mentioned that fasting is difficult but the test should be taken before 10 in the morning and fasting is only for 10 hours. So really, it's just a late breakfast. It gets a little mental just that I get hungry because I know I can not eat, haha.

    It was very easy to order the sample. You just shopped online and booked an appointment. I took the sample at the doctor's house in Uppsala and everything went smoothly and well! No weirdness.

    I received a text message when the test results started to arrive, so it was filled up all the time. But it took two days until everything was ready and I had also received the doctor's comment.

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    There were two samples that were too high, but thanks to the doctor's comment, I was told that it was not bad. It was a little too high with red blood cells and a little too high with vitamin D (I had just been on a sun holiday). But as long as it is just a little above the reference value, it is great that these levels are high!

    Something I could not read myself (because all samples were good, but it depends a bit on how they are related to each other as well) was that my cholesterol / blood fats were not great if you look at it in the long run. It is good now, but it is well reached that indicates that improvements should be made if it is to continue to be good. It was worth gold to find out in time !! I've really thought about it, eating more healthy fats and so on :)

    Werlabs Corona & Covid 19 test

    Werlabs also offers an antibody test to test if you have had a Covid-19 or a PCR test to test if you have an active infection.

    The PRC test also includes a travel certificate, as many countries have begun to request a negative test result 24-72 hours before their trip.

    Read more about Coronatest (adlink) hos Werlabs.

    Give away a gift card at a health check!

    You can also buy gift cards at Werlabs to give as a Christmas present or a gift to someone you like! The gift card can be loaded with a specific amount and redeemed on the website when ordering a test.

    A perfect Christmas present in these times, above all fun and interesting to get an insight into how your body feels and if there is something you need to get to grips with to improve your health!

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    Werlabs Review - How Does It Work?

    Click on the image to see how your body feels ⤴

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    There are also other companies that do sampling, e.g. Blood clot. Then I do not know if Blodkollen or Werlabs is the best, because I only tested Werlabs. But if you have tested yourself with any of these, feel free to leave a comment below about how you thought it worked for you! :)

    This is my Werlab's review and I hope you liked this post and my review, if any questions arise please leave a comment.

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