Wet Brush Review

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If you, like me, find it quite easy to get torn hair, it is good to review your daily hair care routine. Because you may not have the strength / affordability to buy everything in 100% quality and take care of it with packaging as often as you should, etc. But what you do every day, e.g. brush your hair, it should be a priority!

Wet Brush comes from the hair care brand HH Simonsen and is said to be the best and most gentle investigation brush available! And now I also have this at home, yeey! :)

It is gentle and effective thanks to the fact that some spikes are flexible while some are firm. The brush can be used on all hair types, in both wet and dry hair (you should still always be extra careful when the hair is wet!) And you can also use it on extensions.

The cheapest price I can find is on Nordicfeel.se where it costs SEK 135 and has free shipping!


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I love this brush! I do not have a lot of problems with tangles, just a little, but it feels like it brushes properly while it feels like it brushes softly.

And in wet hair, there is not at all that annoying feeling that the hair sort of stretches out, as I often get with regular brushes. Or is it just me who feels that way when I brush my hair wet?

And a plus is that it also looks good with its flat shaft! It is also available in more colors :)

Two big thumbs up get it from me! :)

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  1. It seems good! I also get that feeling in wet hair, but not if I use a wide-toothed comb :)
    I have a hairbrush in pig bristle that I use when the hair is dry because I heard that it would be more gentle on the hair and make it less static, but I do not think that mine has helped. Maybe I should check this out instead :)

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