Wish make-up - Purple party make-up

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    "Hello! My boyfriend and I are going to celebrate that it was 2 years since we met and he always appreciates my make-up, but I have the idea to dry and would appreciate if you could help me look absolutely wonderful before this evening! 

    His favorite color is purple and I wonder if you can do any makeup with purple and that gives big eyes. I love all kinds of makeup and want to be seen this day! Without glitter :) 5dec, I have dark brown eyes and am golden brown in complexion. ”

    Descriptive words: Colorful, Party, Dark, Purple.

    What fun, congratulations to you :) Here comes my interpretation, hope you like it!

    (Pssst… For you with green eyes, this is a great New Year's make-up!)

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    A little difficult to get shimmery shadows look good on flash images, but you can see better in the full images further down in the post :)

    All eye shadows (in addition to the black) comes from this 40 palette, SEK 229 HERE.

    1. Light eye shadow innermost on the eyelid, innermost on the lower lash line and in the corner of the eye.
    2. Pink eyeshadow in the middle of the eyelid.
    3. Purple eye shadow at the end of the eyelid.
    4. Cold purple eye shadow along the globe line.
    5. Blur the edge of the cold purple shade.
    6. Sota black eye shadow at the end of the eyelid and along the globe line.
    Also blur the edges between the shadows in the middle of the eyelid.
    7. Black eyeliner along the lower and upper lash lines, Emite Makeup Eye Pencil. Blur the hard lines.
    White eyeliner along the waterline, IsaDora Inliner Kajal (50 Satin White)
    8. Dark purple mascara on all lashes, Anastasia Hypercolor Brow & Lash Tint (Violet)

    Lip-gloss, gloMinerals gloGloss (Beloved)

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    Miska snuck up behind me I was photographed, but it still feels a bit fitting to this post because he and I also celebrate our anniversary soon! :)

    Wish you a wonderful day together!

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