Yves Rocher Advent Calendar 2017

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I have received the world's coziest press release - a Christmas calendar from Yves Rocher! :)

The Christmas calendar has stepped up in quality after last year, I must say. This year, all products are in nice cloth bags, unlike last year's paper bags, and all small bags come in a nice big cloth bag so it is a very cute gift if you want to buy it to give to someone.

In the kit you get 24 bags with full size products, a nice string and clothespins in wood. So you can choose yourself how you want the calendar, if you put them up on a wall, have them in a nice basket or maybe put them nicely on a shelf. So good!

There are two inspirational pictures on how to put up the almanac on Yves Rocher's website as well :) I have not decided exactly how I will have it yet, but I think I will hang it on the wall in my make-up room.

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I will probably save the bags and make my own Christmas calendar for Miska next year! ♥

I have not opened and peeked at the content yet (feels illegal haha) but will update you maybe more in December. However, I have felt and squeezed on everyone and when I took the picture I looked through a lot haha, so I can with great certainty still tell you that there are many great products, both makeup but above all a lot of skin care and as you can see in the picture below so most products stand on their own and are as big as the bags are:

The Christmas calendar is available to buy online here (adlink). It costs SEK 799 and contains a value of SEK 2,112!

Hugs are :)

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