Multipurpose powder spray

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    This product is only available for purchase in China, but I thought that you might still think it was a bit fun with a quick review of what I think of the concept of a powder in spray form! :)

    What I'm talking about is the product I wrote about in my latest business posts. I have not been involved in the development of this product at all, but work with the company that owns the ingredient and have made films with how this product is used on the face and hair.

    What is a multipurpose powder spray?
    This is a multi-powder spray that can be used wherever you want to absorb grease or moisture. It can be on the face to keep the skin matte or to fix a cream foundation, in the hair as a dry shampoo, under the arms and in the shoes to absorb sweat and remove odors, or why not spray in the hands if you have hand sweat when you should on a date.

    As far as I know, is it not possible to buy a similar product from another brand?

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    Multiple products in Sweden?
    I myself do not think that these types of multi-products sell so well in Sweden, may be wrong, but it feels like in Sweden you do more the opposite, here you find more products to specify the area of use even more instead. I always think that multi-products are half-baked in many areas instead of really sharp on one thing. Most people's response is "what should I have the same product in the shoes that I have on my face?" Lol.

    What do you think? :)

    How does the spray work?
    The spray is in a superduper-pure alcohol that has time to evaporate before it reaches the skin. Spray but very close so you get wet of course but you should spray so far away that there is only powder on the skin. The spray is light as a cloud and barely feels!

    The only thing that is crazy is that the powder gets stuck in the hairs, otherwise I would probably have become addicted to this haha.

    Powder spray on the face
    I did not think it was a problem with can and brush until I realized the beauty of just spraying directly on the skin!

    When you have become very oily in the skin during the day, it is easy to soak the base make-up when you need to improve, because the oil has, as it were, dissolved all the products that lie like a stick on the skin. Therefore, it is important not to pull with the brush (dab instead) when powdering during the day because then you will pull off the foundation. But with this powder you can just spray on and the skin becomes dull without the risk of soaking up the make-up - and it actually works incredibly well!

    And the best part - Fixing a liquid foundation with powder is a very boring step in the make-up routine and has never gone as fast as now! :)

    But since it settles in the straws, you need to brush it off from lashes and eyebrows, and if you have a lot of hair on your face as well, you need to apply a powder brush over those areas as well. However, it comes off super easily, you just swipe over with a brush so there is no problem in the morning when you put on make-up. On the other hand, if you have applied the eye makeup and want to improve it during the day - then you just have to try to avoid the eyes if you do not want to brighten up the makeup and it is not easy. Because it gets stuck in the mascara.

    Other uses
    As a dry shampoo, the product works super well! And I also think it works well to absorb moisture on the body but I have not tested it very much for it, may do it some day when I will run around a lot :)

    Summary - Love the concept of powder spray for the face! And I hope I can get another bottle because I will never want to stop using this to fix liquid foundations. If you could also solve the problem that it is possible to matte the base make-up without risking the eye makeup (eg if the spray had better precision?) Then I would be in heaven!

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    What do you think about this one? Something you would have bought if it was here? And what do you think about multi-products?

    Hug ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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