Yves Rocher - Brown Without Sun (Review)

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    Here is a review of Yves Rocher Brown without sun. You seemed to appreciate my tan without sun-miss I wrote about a while ago;) It was not so fun then, but very comical in retrospect (or yes I laughed then too haha).

    Anyway, the tan without the sun comes from Yves Rocher, and now I've given it an honest chance to prove what it's for!


    The product is a Face & Body lotion that not only gives color but is also moisturizing, which is liked. It contains extracts from gardenia flower, sap from agave and sesame oil from organic farms.


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    It gives a gradual color, and you can easily apply it several days in a row if you want a darker tone. This kind of BUS is my favorite, as you can build up the color until you are satisfied and it feels like you have more control! In addition, the risk of getting stains is less.

    The scent is really fresh and good when applied, not a trace of BUS scent, however, it starts to smell more when it has entered the skin. I anointed myself last night, and when I woke up I felt that I smelled brown without sun. But then you can shower :)

    The cream is very easy to apply and it feels like you apply a "regular lotion". It goes quickly into the skin, it is only moist for a few minutes, however, it leaves a slightly sticky surface on the skin that stays for quite a long time.

    I am happy with the darkness after only a lubrication and will stay here, the color is really natural, even and nice and the skin has a very nice glow! The result was also good in the face :) I would say that the difference is big, it is not a mes product, but also small enough not to be obvious.

    This is a good BUS for everyone I can imagine, for us with pale skin who just want to get a nice color, it is enough to lubricate once, but for a darker tone you can lubricate a few more times.

    I am really pleased! :)

    yves rocher brown without sun

    A 150 ml bottle costs SEK 89, so it is also affordable! Available to order online here!

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