Yves Rocher Concentrated Slimming Gel

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    Slimming products are not something that you lose weight of or similar, but are a help on the stack if you have cellulite or want a firmer skin somewhere on the body. Such details that basically everyone has regardless of size :)

    I have tested Yves Rocher's Slimming products before, but the previous products in the range are those that will be used for a month, and then it was so difficult to give a final review because the body can change itself a lot in such a long time, in any case, mine does.

    But now they have a novelty - Yves Rocher Ultra-Concentrated Cure for Stubborn Zones which is an intensive treatment for problem areas that you should use for 7 days. I have received a press sample of it and have now been using it for a week!

    "Yves Rocher's researchers have discovered an active molecule in the peel of the mangosteen fruit, y-Mangostin. The molecule acts as a natural key by unlocking the cellular processes that block fat loss. Mangosteen extracts act on all parts of the fat reduction process for a holistic effect: it counteracts fat storage, cleanses and stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid. ”


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    This is how it looks completely unused - It is a transparent gel in the whole bottle, and at the bottom there is a green liquid separately which is the active extract. The reason why it is not mixed is because the product is more efficient if it is mixed immediately before it is to be used and is not ready mixed in the storage shelf.

    1. Remove the safety ring.
    2. Press the end of the container once to release the active concentrate in the product formula.
    Shake to mix the concentrate and formula.
    4. Press the pump and apply morning and evening for 7 days on problem areas with circular movements (max. 2 pressures per area).

    The product is a pump bottle and the gel is incredibly easy to apply, it penetrates quickly into the skin without feeling sticky or troublesome. So even though you have to lubricate twice a day, it is not difficult at all :)

    Unfortunately, I am not the best test rabbit on this product, but I could not help but test in any case!

    The gel is mainly good for cellulite (but also makes the skin firmer) and I have not actually got any cellulite at all (yet), so I can for that reason not see the result to 100%. But I have used it on the lower part and the sides of the stomach, but I have not actually noticed any difference at all.

    In other words, I have not got a wow-feeling, but I also do not have any direct problem areas to test either, but my body would probably just need a little strength training.

    So I can say that it is easy to use, no hassle! And it currently costs SEK 159 (ordinary price SEK 189), so even though it is not a ten directly, there are not a lot of hundred bucks in the lake even if you test and do not see a difference.

    If any of you have tested / will test, feel free to write what you thought of it! :)


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