Yves Rocher Exfoliating Nail Treatment

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    In June, Yves Rocher launches new nail products, and some of them I took home with me at their press breakfast a few weeks ago.

    A novelty is, among other things, the nail peeling "Yves Rocher Exfoliating Nail Treatment" which cleans the nail surface and removes impurities and bacteria, at the same time as it exfoliates the cuticles and the skin around the nails.

    I usually, to be honest, never peel the nails, just polish with nail file and clean with a remover before I paint nail polish, but for the cuticles, a good peeling feels incredibly worthwhile so it was fun to try :)


    Yves Rocher's nail peeling contains apricot and argan kernels that peel the nails and cuticles in a gentle and gentle way.

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    The scrub grains are just the right size and scrub well, but I wish they were much more because when you have to scrub such small areas as nails and cuticles, it is difficult if there is more gel than barley.

    Besides that, I like it very much, the skin becomes very soft and feels moisturized and smooth afterwards!

    But I think it works better for the whole hands where you have a little more "grip" when scrubbing. I will probably use the end of mine but it will be more for the hands than the nails, I must admit, the hands will be incredibly soft! :)

    I have also tried scrubbing the back of my hand with it and the result is super good! Take a click on the back of the hand and scrub the skin until the gel after a short while has sunk into the skin and the grains have fallen off. The hands are so smooth then! I do not know why it would be better than using it as it should be used (just my own curiosity that made me test) but it feels incredibly good anyway :)

    The peeling will be launched in June and will cost SEK 79 for 10 ml.



    Hugs are ♥

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    1. Just thought I'd recommend a facial scrub with small grains, it seems like you prefer it just like me! It's ACO Face scrub cream (I run the blue tube, unscented). It is really small grains and it does the job. I usually use it when I shower, wash with my usual facial cleanser after and then toner after the shower. Then serum and day cream, or night cream if it is evening :-)!

      Another really good product is a clay mask from Yves Rocher, Morroccan clay mask. Clean my awkward pores really well! I let it sit until it dries, then I massage it off with water. Try!

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