Yves Rocher first impression reviews

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    Tonight at 23.59 ends Yvesrocher.se** their campaign where you get an optional product (the one you put in the shopping cart first) totally free if you enter the discount code ”TREAT16”. So that's why I thought at the last second to give my "first impression reviews" on the latest press release so you can keep track of the news if you are going to go shopping!

    You can put a really nice product in the shopping cart first and then a fairly cheap one, then you have made a real cut :) Maybe take the opportunity to find previous Christmas presents.

    I received this news in my press release:


    I have already shown you the blue mascara This the make - up, and the facial play I have already reviewed in this the post. So you can read more about them there, I'm really happy with both anyway!

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    Yves Rocher has launched new eye shadows, Botanical Color Eyeshadow and they are available in as many as 60 shades! You also saw the brown eye shadow the make-up with the blue mascara :) It is rich in pigment and becomes incredibly nice! A little lighter on the skin than I think it is in the jar despite eyeshadow primer, but incredibly easy to work with and very nice.

    I have also felt a little on the other shades on the hand and they are all very nice, you need eye shadow primer underneath to bring out the pigments properly (but I always have it anyway) and it will be incredibly beautiful. Has a smooth texture and is easy to fade out, the golden color that attracts a little olive green is so nice!

    Price: 99: -


    The serum Double Action Essence** smells absolutely amazing, so fresh and delicious! It is an anti-pollution serum that has been hyped recently, ie a product that protects against pollution and repairs the skin, as pollution, UV rays, fatigue, stress are all factors that accelerate the aging of the skin. This particular serum contains more than 94% ingredients of natural origin. Bottle in recyclable glass, cardboard from sustainably cultivated forests.

    It goes into the skin quickly, and feels like nothing after a while, finish with day or night cream. I have not tested this more than once, I can not test everything hard, but I like it a lot!

    Price: SEK 249


    Yves Rocher has launched the new mascaras Mascara Vettige Longueur. You saw the blue shade in the make-up with blue mascara last week, and I also have it in black! The brush has a lot of cream on it so you get a lot of mascara at once, which gives nice volume, separates well if you work with the brush but it has no spikes so it does not separate super easily, but my lashes are still nice. Very narrow brush so you can access it properly even in the corner of the eye. Holds great, does not crumble and does not smudge.

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    I have light blue and black, but it is also available in regular blue and brown.

    Price: SEK 179


    Illuminating Powder Duo - Cuivre** is a giant, very nice highlighter! A light shade and a little darker. I usually have the light one where I lit up with a matte highlighter, and the dark one where I darkened it down with contouring, for a nice glow all over the face. But you can also use the dark to make the whole face look more sun-kissed. The highlighter is not shimmery but gives a nice glow and luster, just the way you want it, and is quite mild. It gives a very nice result, but if you want a super much luster, you should probably choose one with a little more gunpowder in it. But for me it is perfectly suitable :)

    Price: SEK 149


    Relaxing Bath and Shower Gel - Olive Petitgrain** is a really fresh and fragrant shower gel with more than 97 % ingredients of natural origin. You can even have it in the bath, and I have had it! It does not give a lot of foam, but quite just right, however, the whole bath smells wonderfully good :) Otherwise no wow-feeling, the skin is clean and the best thing is definitely the scent!

    Price: SEK 59


    Refreshing Cleansing Gel** is a moisturizing facial cleanser in gel form that makes the skin feel clean and fresh, very nice! Have only tested it once. The best cape, though the seat** you can buy with this together with the new Mix to scrub for a total of SEK 129 :) The cleaning costs words. price SEK 79 and scrub to mix SEK 99.

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    I failed to photograph the lip balm I have also tested, and now I do not have time to do it before I publish the post, but I can also warmly recommend Yves Rocher Lip Balm - Macadamia from Guatemala**, a new lip balm with macadamia nut oil that costs SEK 15 and is incredibly smooth and comfortable on the lips! I had it last time I tattooed my lips and it was great, creamy and fits well for a soft feeling that lasts a long time, and smells wonderful!

    Lots of great products in other words! If there is something you want me to test more and show a little closer in a post, shout out.


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