Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation

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I give most Yves Rocher products full marks, their eye makeup is really, really good and in addition it has cheap prices while they have natural and caring ingredients.

But their basic makeup and I do not really agree as well, and now I have tested one of their foundations that I have not tried before - Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation*, and is unfortunately not impressed this time either.


An exclusive and light-reflecting foundation that gives your skin a smooth, naturally opaque and youthful finish. The pleasant and moisturizing formula contains mother of pearl which is surrounded by rose wax. Unique ingredients that give a silky matt luxurious end result. ”

I think you who have a natural skin type, which is neither dry nor oily or have blemishes, will like this one! It evens out the skin tone very nicely, is easy to apply and feels comfortable on the skin. Reminiscent of a CC cream!

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However, it highlighted dry areas on my face, which I did not even know I had! And it certainly did not hold up well when my skin became oily after a short while. In addition, I think it smells a little too strong.

My pimples, even the small ones, were not well covered either, so I had to apply some concealer afterwards. But there is nothing that I think is really negative, because it can be worth it to get a natural result in the rest of the face, especially if you only have a few blemishes.


I got home a little too light shade, but it was possible to save with sun powder. As you can see, the skin tone is even and natural, but the blemishes are visible through.

Here is the end result with concealer, sun powder, blush and eyebrows:


In other words, you who do not have a problem skin and who want a nice foundation with medium coverage, you can definitely invest in this! But there is nothing I feel I can recommend.

But there is a lot more from Yves Rocher that is really good, and you have not missed that I have a discount code now in March that gives you 20% discount + the nice glitter Loose Pearls on the purchase ?? :) Just enter YRHELENA in the shopping cart!

click here to go shopping - I basically recommend all eye makeup, lip makeup and their makeup remover (the two-phase)!

Hug ♥

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  1. And I kind of adored my Youthful glow before I indulged in completely natural / organic products :) I liked the very natural feeling and look, and that it was in sufficiently light shades! (I have typical combination skin with fatter T-zone and some dry areas.)

  2. Love your posts about products so you learn to find the right one in the makeup jungle :)
    Can you not show a little more tips and make-up with products from Yves Rocher before your discount code goes out there? Happy eyeshadows and eye pencils! But even if you have some lovely nail polish from there.
    Also hope for a review of the new "eye pencils" - you have already shown it with a green-blue shade. Would like to see what the others look like and if those colors cover better :)

    Silence for a super blog!

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