Best in test: Lip primers

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    A primer for the lips is a very nice product I think! It's a mix of "do I really need this?" and "what a well-made mouth I got today!".

    What is a lip primer?
    All different primers are called "primer" because it is a foundation before the next product. But a face primer, eye shadow primer and lip primer have completely different properties. What they all have in common, however, is that they extend the durability of the make-up in different ways thanks to the fact that you get a better surface to apply the products on.

    A lip primer smoothes the texture of the lips and makes the lip product stay in place longer!

    Why use lip primer?
    I use lip primer mainly to even out both the lip but also a little outside, I paint the lips so extremely far outside my own lip shape that the skin in the contours is completely different and some lipsticks are therefore not as easy to apply evenly and nicely at the edges.

    It is also a good product for you who have a lot of lines both on and off the lips and want to make the lips a little extra smooth or prevent the lip makeup from flowing out.

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    Then it also prolongs the shelf life, but personally I use such good lip products that last a long time anyway so I do not notice an extreme difference on that point actually.

    Today I thought I would compare 3 different lip primers with a review and rank which one I like the most! I can start by saying that no one is bad, but it was not difficult to decide the winner;)

    The three brands I test are Oriflame, NYX and 3ina (pronounced Mina) and I have all received them in press releases on various occasions.

    I think I'm starting to review in the rankings with the lowest rating first:

    3ina The Lip Primer
    This lip primer is quite different from the other two and I think it works well overall but it has some details that I do not think are completely optimal:

    1. It is liquid in tube form, which I do not think is a simple application. I take a click and poke out with my fingertip but you do not get real precision in the edges.

    2. It is a bit colored in a cool purple-pink tone, which I in itself can think is a bit nice on myself, but that makes me prefer not to put it further than I should put on lip makeup - which I otherwise often do if the lipstick has a risk of flowing out.

    3. It has a tendency to "crumble" if you are not very careful about laying thin.

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    But it has a lot of good stuff too, it gets really smooth and if you want a matte result, it is really great because it gets matte without getting dry. Then it also contains hyaluronic acid :)

    Here you see this on the lips! Do you see that the lip gets a purple-pink glow?

    NYX Professional Lip Primer
    Answer yes as you can see in the picture I was tired one morning and tried to sharpen the plastic but it is really just screwed up at the bottom of the pen haha. So it can go sometimes :)

    Anyway - I like the pen format much more than a tube! It becomes soft on the lips and I especially like this under dry lip pencils to get better glide and a more comfortable feeling. And I absolutely believe that it extends the durability well if you have lipsticks that disappear quickly because it feels like they "stick together" well with the primer if you understand what I mean?

    But it is not the best in tests because I think the formula is a bit too waxy and does not smooth out the texture in the same way as the other two. But still a good and affordable primer absolutely!

    You can see in the picture that it is more creamy and also gives a lightening to the lips as it is slightly beige.

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    Oriflame The ONE Lip Primer
    The winner of the test is the lip primer pen from Oriflame!

    This lip primer smoothes the texture and lines of the lips very nicely and is soft and creamy on the lips while giving a matte look. So it fits just as well to give dry lipsticks and lipsticks with "glide" and a softer feeling without becoming too creamy.

    It is also the most caring primer and contains shea butter, which is very nice under lip make-up. It certainly contains more silicones than shea butter, but still;)

    It is SEK 30 more expensive than the above products, but SEK 109 for a good product is still affordable and the difference is so great that I would definitely spend SEK 30 more on it!

    This is what it looks like on the lips. The pin looks white but it does not turn white at all on the lips, although you have a faint enlightenment but I think it's just fine.

    Here you see the difference in how well it smoothes the lip:

    There is a bit of a focus on the upper lip on the model, but you see the difference on all lines on the lower lip, really big difference!

    As for Oriflame's lip primer, I have nothing to complain about actually, it is really, really good :)

    I could have it all alone on my lips if you are going to be without lip makeup one day but just want a nice improvement! :)

    Hope you found this post helpful!

    Hug, hug ♥


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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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