Beauty packing before sun holiday

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    As you know, we travel to Mexico on Saturday! We leave early in the morning and I work long days Mon-Fri so I have started to prepare the packing already and do a little every night.

    So I thought I would take the opportunity to show you what I should take with me on the road to beauty! I love when others make such posts, not necessarily for product tips but to see how everyone thinks and prioritizes, it's so much fun :)

    I personally am the experts' expert at packing too much with me, and at the same time I hate when I do. I want as light a bag as possible and above all as little as possible to unpack again when I get home later haha.

    So this trip I have really decided to pack light in the beauty way! I have not photographed hygiene items such as deodorant, tops, razors and such because it felt a little redundant. But I'm so damn proud of my light beauty pack now actually! Good job Helenis!

    Here you get to see!

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    I'm the toilet king haha, I love toiletries! Everything in its place and order in the luggage.

    Make up
    Do you see?? So little!! I wonder if I will regret it haha, but the idea is that I will not put on so much make-up. I am so prepared with lashes, eyebrows and permanent makeup so it only needs a little refreshment if I want to feel nice. And then I bring some eye shadows and lip colors if I want to have achieved more make-up :)

    Mineral Foundation gloMinerals Pressed Base in a too dark shade (now) which is the fastest way to even out skin tone and reduce oiliness.
    Lip pencil from gloMinerals (Coral crush) and matte lipstick from GloMinerals, pink shade Rumor and red shade Bombshell :)
    Pixi shea butter lip balm, colored lip gloss, can not do without this!
    Pixi eye bright primer, if I want to apply eye shadow, I have to have a primer!
    Pixi Minimal Makeup Palette, highlighter, contouring, blush and 4 eye shadows in one palette. So good! (Unfortunately out of Pixi's range)
    Brynpenna, gloMinerals Miro Brow Liner (Ash)
    Pixi Illuminatint Tint & Conceal (2 Nude), day cream with spf 20 and concealer in the cork. Best holiday product!
    Magnetic lash mascara, I am going to have permanent lashes today so I may not want mascara at all, but in that case it may come with it!
    gloMinerals Shadow Palette (Mixed Metals) with eye shadows for both dark and light make-up if I get a little feeling :)

    And then make-up brushes of course, but I did not photograph them now, I have to wash them before I go.

    Body care & sunscreen
    The perfume Moment of Happiness (adlink) from Yves Rocher, very healthy and good!

    Sunscreen 50 in spray form from Vision Haircare (adlink), not completely impeded by this, however, as I think it gets a little sticky on the skin, but you want to use up the things you have at home and it is absolutely ok!

    Sunscreen 50 for the face from ACO (adlink), I think this is good! No wow formula but sinks in well and does its job :)

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    A body lotion Yves Rocher Repair Lotion Extra Dry Skin (adlink), really lovely to lubricate yourself with after the shower. It is very thick and sticks to the fat but still not sticky at all.

    I need to buy the cleaning new from Sanctum, which I will fix at work later today, so it was not allowed in the picture. But since I have to pack light, this is the only thing I add for the face.

    Morning and evening cleaning, Sanctum Cream Cleanser
    Infinatura Cura Oil in the face morning and evening, like an oil serum.
    On the spot on pimples and Eye balm around the eyes
    During the day I have ACO sunscreen as a day cream and at night Sanctum Night conditioning Cream.
    My favorite spray Pixi Glow Mist must join too! Perfect to spray on when the skin needs more moisture. It contains a lot of oil but does not get particularly oily on the face but it sinks in nicely. I usually spray on the décolleté as well, where I usually rarely have the strength to lubricate myself, but spraying on this is so quick and easy!

    Hair washing
    I'm just saying one thing - Hairology Multi treat! It is not so light, a can with 400 ml haha, BUT so worth it as it complements several other products. Thanks to it, it is enough with travel packaging of ordinary shampoo, conditioner and wrapping (should be enough for both me and Miska) as you also see in the picture.

    Multi treat is a hair and scalp wrap that is cleansing and incredibly caring, moisturizing and soothing to the skin. Multi-products are usually a bit half-baked on everything but I am completely sold on this and can not do without. On the trip I will use it as:

    • Shampoo, wrapping and conditioner - I usually shower my hair 1 max 2 times a week, but now you will want to rinse it out every day and then it is enough with this so the hair is both clean and smooth afterwards!
    • Face Mask - Incredibly nice as a face mask, especially if you need to soothe the skin, which I will probably need despite sunscreen 50.
    • After sun - The same applies to the skin on the body if I need after sun, this really cool when you have burned yourself.

    I am a reseller of Hårologi on and want to emphasize that the product itself only describes itself as a hair wrap that is skin caring and works as a shampoo and conditioner. That it works as a face mask and for burns is my own invention!

    The shampoo is Hairology FILE Shampoo, the hair wrap is Hairology FILE Intensive Cure and the conditioner is Hairology FIL / FIB Conditioner. The multi treat and conditioner can be ordered as usual, but for the more active shampoos and hair wraps, you need to send in your hair for analysis first. Read more about it here!

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    Dry shampoo is a must for me too, what would it look like if I left without it!

    And then Hairology Flexi Spray which we do not have in the range yet but I am considering taking it in because I use it a lot myself. It is a caring spray that also has UV protection, perfect in Mexico!

    But just such a thing that I have been good and poured things in travel packages around the corner, how diligent ??

    I will not bring any nail polish with me at all, it will be a home manicure before we go then I can use Infinatura cura Oil (as I wrote above) as nail oil and maybe something caring on the nails that gives a little shine. But I do not want to keep improving on abraded nail polish colors and stuff, you can not bear it :)

    That was it!

    Are you impressed with me? Is it just me who thinks this is an easy pack in the way of beauty or do you get worried about how I should cope? Lol.

    It can slip down some more product at the last minute then, you never know;)

    Hope you thought this was a little fun to watch! If I forgot something super important, you can shout, are you cute haha.

    Hug! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Fun to see! I also have a hard time packing easily!
      You do not need special eye cleaning? As well as aloe vera gel, good if you burn yourself.

      • Glad you like it and how nice of you to think about if I forgot something! :) I have thought about eye cleansing as well, but since I am going to have permanent eyelashes and probably will not use either mascara or eyeliner, it will work well with regular face cleansing. It is gentle on the skin around the eyes and I will not have to dissolve any hard makeup. And Hairology Multi treat is great if you burn yourself and to soothe the skin, so I can do with it :) Kraaam!

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