Get rid of green hair (with red wrap)

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    Is it possible to get rid of green hair effectively? Answer yes, my life as a greenhead is now over! :)

    I loved having turquoise hair! Now, however, it is just a bubbly but very visible light green tone in the lengths. Not a particularly fun color anymore. But a little too green to fade away too, it would probably be a crazy blonde color I think.

    But do you know how I fixed this super fast in the shower when I was still washing my hair?

    Red hair wrap!

    I still had wrapping that my hairdresser mixed for me from when I was red-haired before and got a flash of genius. Red neutralizes green, so theoretically the red should get rid of green hair even though it is just a colored wrap.

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    And do you know? This was true not only in theory, but also in practice! Look so nice:

    Get rid of green hair with red color wrapping

    If you forgot how extremely green-haired I actually was before, here is a model:

    get rid of green hair

    You can see the make-up step by step in the post soft everyday makeup in purple & gold.

    It's like you see not only blonde with some green shifts, but it really is a green hair color.

    To get rid of this much green hair, I used the wrap directly in the hair. But if you only have green shifts, mix in just a click in your hair wrap or conditioner.

    Now it changes a bit in pink, which I just think is nice. In most candles, it blends together very well in my natural outgrowth color and does not look pink at all. You can almost believe that it is my natural hair color in the whole hair :)

    get rid of green shifts in the hair

    Very pleased!! Almost harder that I did not realize before that it was so easy to get rid of green hair, then I would have done it before;)

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    The packaging Maria Nila Color Refresh Autumn Red (adlink) is great! I have used it a lot, even when I was completely redheaded. Pink also works, I have used Maria Nila Color Refresh Pink Pop (adlink) also and also it works brilliantly. Both red and pink neutralize green.

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    Hug hug!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey!
      Have EXACTLY the same problem. Have had a turquoise color bomb from Revlon and now it is greenish and the green pigments do not want to disappear. Which red wrap did you choose 😀

      • I have also tested the Pink shade from Maria Nila Color Refresh and it also works well! Pink Pop I think it's called. I think the one my hairdresser mixed is better because it gets a little smoother, Maria Nilas can get a little more pink in some places that absorb more. But still effective against the green :)

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