Blowpro Faux Dry Shampoo

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    I have heard very well about dry shampoo ”Blowpro Faux Dry Shampoo”And has both pluses and minuses to say about it actually!

    Most dry shampoos are in spray form, but this is a mixture between spray and "Dust It", you could say, you spray by pressing in the middle of the bottle and "puffing up" powder, which thus has no kind of liquid or propellant.

    It should give a freshly washed feeling and volume, and costs about 125 kronor.

     I like the principle with the bottle, that you do not have to pay for any kind of liquid or gas, but get what you pay for - that is, the powder. In addition, many spray bottles can have more gas than powder (or how it now works in there) so you think you have dry shampoo left but there will only be spray and no powder. But with this bottle, you know exactly when it is about to run out and not.

     I also like that it is fragrance-free, everything today has added scents that you mix anyway, so it is nice to have at least one product that does not smell. In addition, many dry shampoos have a tendency to have a strong scent that many do not like, but you can avoid this!

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     It gives a freshly washed feeling (and appearance of course) that is not felt at all in the hair, perfect for you who do not like the harsh feeling that many dry shampoos give!

     I also think that the hair stays dull longer than with dry shampoo with regular spray, and I think it is because you get more powder at once with this than when you use spray.

     It is quick to get very, very oily hair to become completely matte, without having to stand and spray the world's largest gas cloud for an eternity as with a regular spray.

     It lasts super long! I have always wanted to buy type XXXL size on my dry shampoo bottles because they run out all the time when you have as oily hair as I have. I always feel I have to be stingy. But this has lasted for any length of time.

    x For me, it took a while to get the cuts in with the bottle. At first I thought it was difficult to distribute evenly throughout the hair and that you do not really know where to "spray". And then you have to shake the bottle after almost every puff for powder to come. And then I had trouble not getting powder on my clothes because powder came out when I shook. But now I think the packaging is really good! The only thing that is still a small minus is that you have to shake it often but otherwise it works just fine.

    x My hair did not get as much volume as I had hoped for, that detail can be a plus for many who do not want a lot of volume, but for me it will be a minus as it says volume-giving in the product description.

    x It is positive that there is a lot of powder at once (as I wrote in the good points above) but it also results in that after a few days you have a lot of powder in the hair and it is very irritating to my scalp. Do not know if there is any powder you can have such a large amount of on the scalp without it irritating (?) Because it can depend on the amount and not the ingredients, I think. But it's a small problem anyway. I have very sensitive scalp for dry shampoo should be added, there are few (but not many) that I can use without itching after 2-3 days.

    x It would be good if it was available in more colors, I have a fairly dark scalp now and it can be massaged in so that it becomes invisible, but after a few days the hair can look a little grayish and if you are darker than me, I think the white the shade can interfere.

    What I like about the cork is that you close it by turning, perfect for me who always neglects all corks!

    I wonder if the person who made the pictures for the description on the bottle and the person who wrote the text did not really talk to each other haha. Because I think that picture 1 means that you should shake the bottle, because you have to, but it only says that you should keep the bottle upright, which is so logical that you would not have to write it;)

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    In other words, I recommend this dry shampoo for you who want an airy and freshly washed feeling with a little volume, and as I said, it suits all hair colors.

    And for those of you who have very oily hair and also want more volume (like me) you should skip this, because it takes too long with this puff bottle if you have a lot of oil to remove, and I also want more volume !

    Hugs are :)

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