By Terry Eyebrow Liner

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    I love sharp eyebrows, sharp without looking unnaturally painted there. And a tip to make it simple but nice is to apply makeup very sharply on just the underside of the brow, but keep the top a little more diffuse.

    For this I am currently using an "eyebrow liner" which I think is really good! It is like a liquid eyeliner in pencil shape that paints as straight and fine lines as an eyeliner, but the shade is more natural and adapted to the eyebrows!


    You can either fill in the brows as you usually do with another product, and then finish with this to get sharper lines + hair effect in the brow. In this picture I have only used the eyebrow liner!

    What I usually start with is draw a line along the entire underside of the brow, and then paint hair lines as the brow hairs grow for a natural result.

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    By Terry Eyebrow Liner costs SEK 240 and is available in blonde and brown, and I have the brown shade.


    Hug hug!

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hello
      I suffer every day because I was stupid and did an eyebrow tattoo in 3d. It's awful so awful that I can no longer stand and talk to people because I'm so ashamed of how I look. I know you did 3d tattoo fixed with better results but I still hope you might have knowledge of how to make up over it? I am blonde and the tattoo is now after 1.5 years still black / gray. It has dropped from the middle and backwards, but at the front where you definitely do not want to be dark, it is there and plagues and fills every day with anxiety.
      I know you may not have time to answer, you may not even read this, but I will test anyway.
      Do you know how to put make-up on it in a way that looks natural?
      To add to how bad it is, I have coughed up even more money now and done a transplant that cost a lot of pain and money…. I just want to be able to show myself among people… Do you know any way?

      Regards Alexandra

    2. I love your blog as you inspire me very much. But I wonder if you could make a post with just the base, which products do you usually use the most and preferably some cheap ones that still work?
      Would be very grateful!


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