Day cream at night? Ajja bajja!

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    Last Wednesday I was at an event with the skin care brand Exuviance, which I have been using for a few months now. Very informative, interesting and cozy!

    This eye serum and these bionic pads have already become new favorites on the morning twig. You really feel that the skin wakes up and you get this wonderful feeling afterwards that the products really work in the skin!

    I have always loved skin care, I love to lubricate myself, test new brands, feel new scents, textures, and then see the result. But not in the way that I have really understood how it works and why you do what you do.

    At events like this, you get to learn a lot, both small and large. Among the first things I learned was that I pronounced the name Exuviance completely wrong haha. Then we learned more about the background of the brand, did you know that the men who launched Exuviance were also the ones who from the beginning discovered that AHA acids can benefit the skin? Now there are several brands that use AHA acids, but Exuviance still has 120 patents that make the brand unique.

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    Dermatologist - Have you tried this night cream?
    I - No, I actually do not have it!
    Dermatologist - What night cream do you use then? 
    I - I usually just take my day cream.
    Dermatologist - No, no, no you must not do that !!
    The dermatologist for two others who work in this - She uses her day cream at night!
    The others - * Shakes both heads *

    Haha, I felt a bit like a UFO there among all the professionals right then, it's obviously not good (or necessary) to have a sun protection factor on your face around the clock. Quite logical when you think about it.

    Super good that I got to learn it in the end and can do the right thing! Think that even a beauty junkie like me can be so sloppy;)

    Here we sit and test a lot of products, picture borrowed from Presskontakternas Intstagram @Presskontakterna_sthlm.

    In conclusion, we also received skin analysis and facial treatment. The treatment consisted of AHA peeling, which is a liquid you brush on the skin and leave on for 4 minutes. After that massage and then a gold mask. Really Wonderful!

    I have always thought that I have oily skin, or mixed skin maybe now in recent years. Before, I was never dry in the face "what is it?" type. But I would probably say myself that I am now normal with fat areas, which extend a little more than the T-zone.

    Now I was told that I have a mixed skin - which is actually also sensitive in some places. And that explains why I get red so easily, after a brow pick I can not go out without makeup if you say so :)

    Yes, this is what I look like after brow picking, and then there were not even very many straws that needed to be removed!

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    The first thing I did when I went home was to call my sister who also uses Exuviance:
    I - Do you use night cream?
    Syrran - No I usually take my day cream at night too.
    I - But are you gaaalen!?! You absolutely must not do that !!

    Lol. Anyway, I'm very happy with this day! And now my skin really shines after the treatment !! Incredibly good results and the skin looks really fresh!

    I recommend that you treat yourself to a salon some day before Christmas and New Year's Eve. Or maybe give away as a Christmas present! :)

    Soon when I have tested a little more, there will be more product reviews from Exuviance.

    Have a really nice Friday night corner, for me it will be Idol and home spa night!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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