Dyeing on green hair

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    I am very happy now because I have done a successful bleaching of green hair, very nice!

    As I mentioned in the blog post my natural hair color so I have discolored the turquoise remnants of the L'Oréal Colorista Washout paints that I wrote about in this post.

    Now I was going to show you the result and give my review on L'Oréal Colorista Hair Color Remover (update: this product seems to have been discontinued) which is a decolorization specifically made to remove the last of the Colorista colors.

    Here is the result:

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    Finally no green residue left in the hair !! I must add that the green shifts were even more visible in reality, but you can still see the difference.

    Then it's not the prettiest blonde tone now afterwards either haha. It's not so strange because it's been a year since I bleached my hair, I have not freshened it at all since then. But that's another thing :) The product works in any case!


    You who follow me have full control of my hair history, but for you as possible. google this discoloration and I can quickly tell you that I dyed with L'Oréal Colorista Washout in the turquoise shade 5 months ago.

    The paint should last for only 2 weeks but for me it was rock hard. I have struggled, haha! Ascorbic acid, dandruff shampoo (which I read should dissolve hair colors more than usual) and then L'Oréal Colorista Fader Shampoo (update: this product has also been discontinued) which gradually helps to get rid of the Colorista colors.

    Smart by L'Oréal anyway, first you buy one product and then you buy two more products just to get rid of the first product haha!

    Before you begin

    As much as possible of the Colorista paint should have been washed off before doing this decolorization. The bleaching should only be done on hair that is basically bleached, I guess it is because the bleaching can have a bleaching effect. The decolorization should not be used just before or after a bleaching or hair permanent, and you should not do it twice in a row either.

    How to use:

    The package includes two small bags of powder and a bottle of cream. These are mixed together, I did it in a plastic bowl. It mixes like bleach, it looks like bleach and it smells like bleach.

    On with plastic gloves and in with everything in the hair that is to be bleached! If only parts of the hair are to be bleached, apply only to those parts, not the whole hair.

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    Part of my under hair is the 100% natural hair color (because it has grown so long + that I cut the tops a few times since I bleached it) so I made a quick rope braid out of it and let it hang in the neck.

    The decolorization wears on the hair and it is completely unnecessary to wear on the completely untreated hair unnecessarily!

    I had in super-much in the lengths though! I used almost everything. If you want to have it in the whole hair, you probably need two packages if you do not have very thin or short hair.

    Let work for 30 minutes. Rinse out.

    It was very carefully stated on the packaging that it should not be done in connection with other strong treatments such as bleaching and permanent and because it smelled so strong that my nose almost burned up on the inside, I can state that it is not a mild thing. So I shampooed properly and then I had a constructive hair wrap that I walked around with for 4-5 hours all afternoon.

    Results and feeling on the hair afterwards:

    All green tones disappeared and the quality of the hair feels as good as before! I do not know how much the hair had taken a beating without me being so careful with hair wrapping both before and after, however, but my advice is to always take the safe before the unsafe.

    I want to add that I have not bleached my hair any other time before so I have absolutely zero experience and no other brand to compare with.

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    Now the warm, yellow tones came out as well, which I am not so fond of haha!

    In the post Milk_Shake Direct Color Review can you read about a product that could look good on this dark yellow blonde tone as well :)

    Also read:

    Now I have mostly talked about getting the green one out of my hair, but I enjoyed the turquoise in the beginning and was impressed with the result! I have also tested the bright yellow shade and the pastel pink on my siblings, with the milder shades, it was washed out in the shower as it should.

    If you want to color with these, they are available for purchase at e.g. Lyko.se (Adlink)

    Shout out if you have any questions :)


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