Dip-in nail polish remover in a jar (review)

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    I love dip-in nail polish removal, it's so heavenly smooth!

    Several brands have "dip-in nail polish remover" and I have tested a little different, but just today comes a review specifically on Maybelline Express Remover.

    dip-in nail polish remover nail polish remover

    What is dip-in nail polish removal?

    A dip-in nail polish remover is a nail polish remover in a jar format where you dip your finger. Inside the jar is a liquid remover and a sponge with holes in it.

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    It is convenient because:

    1. It removes nail polish quickly
    2. You do not need cotton
    3. Long enough because the contents are not poured out. You buy a new one when it becomes too discolored, which is a lot of uses!
    4. You avoid an acetone-smelling garbage bag

    I (and my boyfriend) hate the smell of nail polish removal that spreads in the kitchen when you throw the cotton pads in the trash. Then you have to go out with the garbage bag immediately, which is unnecessary if it is not full.

    In recent years, I have used dip-in nail polish remover (various brands) and do not want to use regular remover again. This is too smooth! :)

    best nail polish remover jar acetone free

    Review: Maybelline Express Remover dip-in nail polish remover

    Maybelline Express Remover is an acetone-free nail polish remover that contains 75ml.

    However, the amount of content is not so essential, as long as the product works well. It almost never ends because you do not pour anything out, but dip your finger straight in.

    Maybelline Express Remover is as effective as any other I have tested! It goes very fast and it stays fresh for a long time! I have now had it for quite exactly one year and it is only now that it is starting to get a little discolored. It still works just as well, but you can see that it is in the last chorus :)

    The only thing that is a little annoying is the strong smell, partly alcohol-strong but also perfume. But that is almost always the case with removers, I think, and because the process is so fast, it is not a major problem.

    How to use a dip-in nail polish remover?

    You dip your finger in the jar, rub a little quickly against the fungus and then the nail polish is gone!

    Glitter nail polish does not come off as easily though. It is difficult with all types of removers, but a dip-in nail polish remover is extra complicated because the glitter grains "hook on" to the structure of the sponge when you rub. I usually remove most of it, then I gently file away the rest with a mild nail file.

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    nail polish remover in a jar

    Maybelline Express Remover is available for purchase at e.g. Coolshop.se (adlink) which also has other fun brands, make-up mirrors and gadgets :)

    IsaDora also has a dip-in nail polish remover with the same principle that I read good reviews about. It's on Lyko.se (adlink) and is a little cheaper than this one from Maybelline. I have not tested it myself though but it is said to be good!

    Hugs are! ♥

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