Dr. Hauschka at Byher.se!

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Now finally available Dr. Hauschka at Byher.se !!

Dr. Hauschka is a German, organic brand that focuses on natural ingredients and of course no animal experiments.

The foundation that I have written about before only starts selling on February 1st, but I have tested all their make-up and have already taken in four goodies that I like very much :)

Many webshops and stores use the sentence “We have the entire range!"As marketing, but for me it is quite the opposite -"I have everything Good from the range!I say haha.

There are a few more products from Dr. Hauschka that I will eventually take in, some require longer testing time and so on. But there are four gold nuggets that I do not hesitate for a second and already now these are available to buy at Byher.se!

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I will write more in-depth posts + show make-up with everything as soon as possible, but here is some overview info:


Dr. Hauschka Lipliner is available in five colors and contains i.a. rose wax and vitamins E and C. They are really pigment-rich and look so good on the lips !!

Works perfectly both along the contours or on the entire lip. They are neither dry nor creamy, but a perfect middle ground that easily slides on when you paint, and gives a matte and durable result.


I love everyone, but the shade 06 Aubergine - it looks so good on the lips that I lose my breath!

1361978-origpic-02faee Dr. Hauschka Bronze Powder is a matte sun powder that contains a caring combination of extracts from medicinal herbs. Content of goat waffle, witch hazel and sage counteracts small impurities in the skin, silk gives the velvety soft feeling.

I have actually used and blogged about this powder before, and it is one of the few sun powders that I have used out of! :)


The sun powder is only available in one shade, but it is an incredibly good shade for people with light / medium light skin. I use it as shading and it gives a very smooth and natural result on the skin!

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This luxurious eyeshadow palette, I'm in love !! Dr. Hauschka eyeshadow palette 01 contains four matte and pigment-rich shades, and unlike most earthy palettes, these are more in cold tones than warm, which is not super easy to find.

Great investment for you who thrive best in colors like this. You can do everything from light everyday make-up to dark party sweets! The lightest shade is a great highlighter for all kinds of make-up.

Contains jojoba oil, silk and medicinal herbs that care for the sensitive skin around the eyes.


Fina va ?? :)


And finally, mascaras with mega volume and super length in all glory, but I have long been looking for a good everyday mascara that you never fail with but that only gives the lashes a nice separation without a single lump or glued together lashes.

Dr. Hauscha Mascara is exactly the kind of everyday mascara I have been looking for, and it is also available in black, brown and dark blue!

The mascara contains, among other things, jojoba oil, rose wax, eye comfort (flower), black tea and neem, which together soothe and care for both the eyelashes and the skin around the eyes.

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IMG_9401 --- copy_111

In this picture I have the blue mascara on one eye and a brown mascara on the other.

The only thing you need to do is bend the eyelashes, pull a few quick strokes with the mascara brush and then you have perfect and natural eyelashes, but which are a little too good-looking to be natural;) It lasts well without smearing even for us with oily skin.

click here to get to Dr. Hauschka's products on Byher.se, and shout if you have any questions! :) ♥

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