Favorite replay - Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial

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    Hi Helena! Thanks for a great blog, it really shows how much work you put in! I wonder if you can show a make-up inspired by Kylie Jenner? Think you did one before, but do not remember and can not find the post, maybe you can publish again? :) Hug ”

    Gulle du ♥

    I absolutely can! :) I have made a post with a make-up inspired by her, and a lip tutorial as well which is mainly about enlarging the lips with make-up. Can publish both again:


    Kylie Jenner's eye makeup is often bright on the entire eyelid, softly framed along the crease and lower lash line (often darker under the eyes than the top) and an eyeliner that is very narrow at the inside of the eye, with a wider eyeliner wing at the outer edges.

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    Super nice! :) Hope you like my interpretation and that the step-by-step pictures are helpful.

    kylie jenner makeup tutorial

    The lips are two different lip pencils + a light lipstick in the middle to get more plut.
    Dr. Hauschka Lipliner in shades 03 and 01, and Paese Lipstick in shade 35.

    kylie jenner eye makeup tutorial

    The eye shadows are from the trio palette Paese Matte Trio Eyeshadow in the shade 217 Retro!

    1. Light eye shadow on the entire eyelid (Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush)
    2. Brown eye shadow along the globe line (Nanshy Tapered Crease Brush)
    3. The same shade also along the lower lash line, (Nanshy Pencil Brush)
    4. Brown eyeliner along the waterline, Paese Automatic Eyeliner (Brown Glam)
    5. Black eyeliner with wing, Kryolan Cake Eyeliner (Nanshy Liner Brush)
    6. Black mascara on all lashes, Magnetic Lash Mascara.


    Paese Matte Trio Eyeshadow 217 Retro costs SEK 79 and is available at Byher.se!

    kylie jenner lips

    Kylie rarely has ombre lips, but has the same color on the entire lip. But if you, like me, have very flat lips, you also need to lighten up a little in the middle to fake a plut, otherwise it can look a little flat and a little strange.

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    It is also important not to paint as much outside on the entire lip, because then there will be more clown effect. On the sides, you can go outside the shape mostly to make it look natural!



    Here you see the result before and after :)

    kylie-jenner-lips-tutorial1 - copy

    1. If you are going to paint outside the lip, it can be good to primer with a lip primer or transparent lip pencil. I have painted it on the whole lip + outside. Then it is easier to paint a nice edge outside where you often have a little more pores, lines and straws. I have used NYX Lip Primer.

    2. I mostly paint outside on the sides of the upper lip, use a lip pencil for a matte and durable result. A creamy pencil can flow out during the day, and a shimmery / glossy product emphasizes the edge and makes it clearer that you have painted outside the lip. I have used the lip pencil Dr. Hauschka Lipliner in shade 03.

    3. Also paint the outside on the sides of the lower lip, but not as much.

    kylie-jenner-lips-tutorial1 - copy (3)

    4. Fill in the contours around the entire lip. You can on most lips paint a little outside even at the cupid's bow, but if you paint too much here, it easily looks unnatural.

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    5. Then just fill in the whole lip!

    6. It can also be a good idea to paint with a slightly darker pencil in the contours as well, then it looks more fluffy and the fake contour looks more natural. I have used the lip pencil Dr. Hauschka Lipliner in shade 01.

    If you already have quite full lips, you can stop here! But if you need to fake more plut, you can also do these steps:

    kylie-jenner-lips-tutorial1 - copy (2)

    7. Light lipstick in the middle of the lips, dab gently with a brush so that you get a diffuse lightening. I have used Paese Lipstick with argan oilai nuance 35.

    Light up with a light concealer outside the lip contour and along the lines above the cupid's arch up towards the nose. This makes the lips look fuller and more prominent! I have used Yag mineral concealer Covers Dark.

    Then it's ready! :)


    Here you see the difference between just painting outside the contours and even faking a little plut!

    kylie jenner makeup step by step

    Kiss on is!

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