IsaDora Perfect Brows Duo Compact Powder

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    One of IsaDora's news that came in the press release last week was a new eyebrow palette with two different eyebrow shadows "IsaDora Perfect Brows Duo Compact Powder" which I have put to the test now :)

    IsaDora already has a palette like this in the range, but the new one is a different shade. I have not tested the previous variant actually, and in the product pictures the shades look exactly the same, so I do not know what the big difference is in the shades but the new palette has the included makeup brush, brush and tweezers, unlike the previous one which only has one makeup brush.


    A nice box with a mirror in it, always nice! Contains 3 grams which is quite a lot, so it is liked.

    The spiral brush works really well and the brow brush is okay - better than they usually are in such included kits and you who are not used to a perfect brow brush will probably think that this is very good, but nothing I will use. You can throw the tweezers, haha, no, but it was barely possible to pick straw anyway, but good idea otherwise!

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    Here you see the shadows:


    The shades have about the same dark mode, but the left one is warmer. Good to be able to mix to your own shade if you want a mix, but I think most of you will only use the right one. A cold brow color usually looks best. And you who have very dark hair will probably think that these are a little too light as well.

    When I buy brown kits with different shades, I want them to be nice cool shades all, but with different dark modes. Then you can easily choose whether you want darker eyebrows for a party make-up, or a little lighter for everyday. Or if you want lighter on the edges, and darker on the outer edges, I also like to do :)

    But two shades, one of which is warm and one is cold, is not optimal in my opinion, some of you may prefer it but I think many will feel that you have spent money on a product that you will only use half of.

    But otherwise I like the shadows! Well pigmented, no superpigment but they adhere well and are easy to use even for you who are beginners. They are easy to get both sharp and to fade out if you want a more discreet result.

    I recommend this brow powder for those of you who want a natural result that is quick and easy to fix. The eyebrows look full and nice, and the shade and the end result will be very natural. I used this powder in yesterday's makeup Moon Rock by IsaDora if you want to look at the pictures.

    I think they hold the brows well all day too, but it's a little difficult for me to decide as I basically have a tattoo as well. But I think it was good :)

    It costs SEK 119, and since it is a novelty, it has not been published on so many webshops, but it is available at in any case and they have free shipping too so it's nice!


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    Here you see the result! I have used the cool shade in the palette.

    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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