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    I thought I would write more detailed reviews and show more pictures of the Benecos products, I hope you are curious!

    I start by showing you the eyebrow pencils, and if there is something else you want to read more about as soon as possible, shout out and I will know what to prioritize :)


    Benecos Eyebrow Designer are eyebrow pencils that come in three different shades. They cost SEK 59 and on top there is also a spiral brush that you can brush to the brow hairs with!

    To me, a good eyebrow pencil is one that is drier than a eyeliner pencil, but it must not be for dry either. A creamy pencil often does a little too sharp lines and then you have to be very careful to get a natural result, and if a pencil is too dry you have to press hard to get color and then the lines also become sharp.

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    But Beneco's pencils are a perfect middle ground, if you are light on your hand, you get just the right amount of color and can fill in without it looking painted, but it is also possible to get razor-sharp lines in the places you want it!

    The durability is great too and it does absolutely nothing if you get to the brows during the day, they are just as nice anyway :)

    IMG_1488_111 --- copy - copy

    Blonde suits you who want natural and bright eyebrows.
    Gentle Brown is suitable for you who want medium-dark eyebrows with a little warmth, e.g. reddish.
    Brown suits you who want a natural dark, cool shade on the eyebrows.


    I have marked out some guidelines for those of you who have difficulty shaping your eyebrows. The most important thing is to pick the brow according to how your straws sit and also according to your own taste, so these lines are not rules but a good help if you do not know how to start!

    eyebrows - copy

    This image shows where the eyebrow can start and end, as well as where the highest point can be placed.

    Inner edge - Imagine a line that goes 90 degrees from the nose wing straight up, where it's nice if the eyebrow starts.

    Highest point - Imagine a straight line from the nostril, through the pupil and upwards, where it is nice if you place the highest point.

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    Outer edge - Imagine a straight line from the wing of the nose, through the outer corner of the eye and outwards, where it is nice if the eyebrow ends.

    eyebrows - copy - copy

    This picture shows how I usually think with the shape and placement of the eyebrow.

    Forms - To get the eyebrows the same and not angry, sad or surprised but just a nice shape, then it is nice if the eyebrows are reactively straight in the inner edges. I usually imagine two parallel lines on the bottom and top and fill in between.

    Location - It is nice if the eyebrow is equally high and low in both the inner and outer edge. Or at least that the outer edge does not go down for a long time is the inner edge because then the eyes can look sagging. This tip is especially good for those of you who already have droopy eyes.

    My inner and outer edges are not at exactly the same level but the outer edge ends a little higher up than the inner edge. But I like it! It is if it is the other way around that you get a more sad / hung impression.


    Other quick tips:

    ♥ Be light on your hand and do not paint too sharply on the top of the eyebrow. On the underside it can be razor sharp but if you do not want too painted eyebrows, try to get the rest of the eyebrow more diffused.

    ♥ Do not fill in too strongly in the inner edge of the brow, then it will be light as a small square and also the brows will be a little more angry then. Be light on your hand or even choose a lighter pencil. Fade the edge if it gets too sharp.

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    ♥ If you want a sharp shape that still looks natural, then try not to fill in the brow like a big cake, but leave so that you see some skin between the straws as well.

    ♥ Brush the straws so that they lie neatly and use a brow gel or similar if they do not stay in place during the day.

    ♥ An eyebrow knife is great if you want to remove small marks around the eyebrows! Then the eyebrows immediately look more well-shaped.

    ♥ Does it really hurt to pick? Pick the eyebrows after you have showered, then the pores are more open and it hurts less.

    ♥ Cutting the eyebrows makes a bigger difference than you might think, brush them down and cut from the bottom, and then brush them up and cut from the top. Use a small sharp pair of scissors.

    ♥ If you are unsure about this, go to someone who can, preferably a professional salon, and do not test too much yourself if you notice that it will not be good, and do not go to a friend who can not either. Just because a friend has nice eyebrows does not mean that you can do it on others. If you get help with a nice shape, it is easy to keep it at home if you do not want to go there regularly. Saving a wrongly picked shape, on the other hand, is worse!

    benecos bryn

    I use the shade Brown and this is how nice the eyebrow will be then!

    I have my eyebrow tattoo underneath as well, but I usually fill them in anyway because when you wear make-up I like to get them a little darker, but I would not want to tattoo darker because then it does not look as nice when I am unmade. .

    Hope the tips are helpful and that you understood everything! :)

    Beneco pens are available for purchase here!

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