Hand Balm from Mirins Copenhagen

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I have tried a natural hand cream from Mirins Copenhagen and now thought to tell you what I think of it!

The cream contains very good ingredients and is nourishing for irritated and chapped hands, they become very soft and lovely when you have lubricated yourself :)

The ingredients are 100% natural and the cream contains almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, argan oil and essential oils from tea tree, lavender and cloves.


A funny parenthesis that I have to tell you too - My sister is here now and it's so fun when you notice what connection you have as a sister. She smelled of this cream and I said it smells of tea tree and clove "clove… I'm just thinking about"I said and she ended my sentence with"My little pony!" Lol! Clove means cloves but both thought of the pony Clover which has a four-leaf clover on the ham :) And neither of us are direct My little pony fans should be added either haha.

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This hand cream is a bit reminiscent of my body butters from Zoya Goes Pretty in texture, a bit more firm than liquid. Shea butter is quite firm at room temperature, but becomes soft immediately when you have it in your hands.

But I would actually rather use this for other parts of the body, e.g. dry elbows, etc. For hand cream, in my opinion it should be easy to apply on the go and go into the skin quickly, but then neither the jar format is smart nor that the cream is quite oily. It goes in relatively quickly but not enough if you are going away, but is more of a lubrication-in-the-evening-at-home cream.

In other words, a good cream for very dry skin that I like, but maybe not specifically as a hand cream. But you can choose yourself where you lubricate yourself :)

It costs SEK 100 Rideitbarefoot.se!


Hugs are!

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  1. Hey! Just thought I'd drop by and tell you that, in a subscription letter from BeautyCrowd, I saw one of your photos on their website. I do not know if you have given your consent to it, but if not then maybe you can report them in some way. Here is the picture! https://www.beautycrowd.com/shop/brand/santhilea-london/santhilea-london-black-velvet-magnetic-mascara-lash-builder-system?utm_source=Beauty+Crowd+Newsletter&utm_campaign=442c1928f6-Santhilea_London_Magnetic_Lash_Intro1_16_2015&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_ec35a4dd70-442c1928f6-53047473

    • Hey! How nice of you to say that. My pictures are in an incredible number of places without permission / link, but this is actually an exception! Santhilea who started Magnetic Lash contacted me after my blog post about the mascara (we had met at the press screening before Magnetic Lash came to Sweden) and wondered if she could not use my pictures. So my eyes will probably even be printed on the new packaging that will come soon if I did not understand it wrong :) Hugs to you!

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