Helena tests - Maybelline Master Contour Duo Stick

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Contouring with cream products has never been my favorite, I prefer powder both in terms of work and results. But you can get a much more effective result with cream and with a good product, it is easy to get as soft shadows as with powder contouring.

I have received a press sample Maybelline Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick (adlink) which is a cream contouring product that will facilitate contouring with a smart pin with both shading and highlighter. Both creams are matte.

I have put this to the test and here is my review:


Product description
Maybelline Master Contour V-Shape Duo Stick - a 2-in-1 contour stick that has both a highlighter and a shade for shading. With a matte creamy formula on the contour, it makes it easy to apply and create contours and height in your makeup. ”

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SEK 99 for 7 grams


It is a bit cone-shaped and pointed at the top, otherwise quite blunt.


I have the shade Medium in this post, and both colors are nice I think, quite neutral which fits well with contouring.

Apply to the deep parts of the face (which you want to deepen more) with the dark side of the pin.
Then on the high parts of the face (which you want to emphasize more) with the bright side of the pin.

You get very good precision, partly because it is cream so that you make clear lines with it before it fades out, but also because it is a pin. However, you have to be careful not to get light in the dark and vice versa. Certainly easily happened when used a few times.

Fade all edges either with a brush or beauty blender. I think beauty blender is easiest. The cream glides easily on the skin, but I really do not think it was easy to fade out and get even. There were easily irregularities and then you had to apply more of the pin to even out.

It is as if you were light on the hand, it does not fade out enough and looks uneven, and if you work more, it becomes too mild and gives almost no contouring effect at all and then you have to apply more.

After quite a lot of work with the beauty blender, it was possible to get nice, but I do not think the creams blended very well with the base underneath (maybe depends on what kind of foundation you have as well) and thought that the highlighter made the skin look a little dry. However, it held up well all day.

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Summary - Can be made nice but smart to use as it is difficult to fade out and get even. And the result is not so good that I think it's worth the extra time in front of the makeup mirror. However, I can imagine that if you have a dry skin and an incredibly creamy foundation underneath, it may be easier to fade out. I have used it for liquid foundation but since I have oily skin, it is a rather depressing foundation anyway.

Good price anyway, but I have a hard time imagining that it is easy to use end of the product, what do you do when it is only a little light and a little dark left in the pin? Then you probably get light with light in the dark and vice versa. And the dark one will end much faster than the light one as well.

In grades, it only gets 2/5 from me, it is not very bad but I do not understand the point as it neither facilitates contouring nor looks unusually good on the skin, and the purpose of two in one products is that it should make it easier and go faster.

Any of you who tested? What do you think?

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