Helena test - Wet n Wild Photo Focus Eyeshadow Primer

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It's always so boring to have to write a bad review about a product, but at the same time I want you not to have to spend money on products that do not live up to their promise.

There are few things I test that I really diss completely, usually it is quite constructive such as "certainly fits better on the one who has a dry skin" etc, it is enough because it is rarely sent out press samples on things that are bad hehe. But the new eyeshadow primer Photo Focus from Wet n Unfortunately, I really can not recommend to anyone .. I may be picky when it comes to eyeshadow primers, but this one is really not good!




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It "dissolves" the base make-up and settles unevenly on the eyelid
It dries quickly and the skin then becomes just as before, the shadow does not adhere a bit better, almost worse
If the eye makeup lasts longer or not, I have not even tested as I have to supplement with another primer over to even get the makeup nice.

I got this primer in a goodie bag at an event. The first time I used it for a make-up, I actually gave up, dabbed another eyeshadow primer over the entire eyeshadow and "started over" haha.

When I applied the primer on the eyelid, I first liked the formula. There are different types of eye shadow primers, some are wet and give extra intense colors, such as having a damp brush. Then there are more creamy primers that bring out the pigments in the eye shadow but are milder compared to a moist primer (none of them are better or worse but depend on what you want for results). And the first impression of this was that the formula was a perfect middle ground, creamy but still quite wet.

But… before I even had time to start applying the eyeshadows, the primer dried and then it was just like I did not even have an eyeshadow primer, as if it disappeared completely.

In addition, it dissolved my base make-up and made it look uneven and ugly at the edges of the primer. Look how full it became:


Not nice.


Here you see a picture where I applied eye shadow on the hand with and without primer, and there is no difference at all, if anything it became even weaker color with the primer underneath.

Wet n Wild is a budget brand with several good products, but this is despite the cheap price of only SEK 79 completely wasted money, then you can just as well not even have an eyeshadow primer, I think.

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When I test products like this that do not work at all, I always wonder how it goes when the brand produces new products. Is no one testing and seeing if the stuff even works?

It definitely gets the worst rating from me, not recommended!


No, now I'll finish this primer-diss and run to the bus towards the salon :)

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