Highlighter for oily skin

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    A luminous highlighter is so heavenly beautiful, but if you, like me, have very oily skin, there is often full focus on matte, matte, matte because we get so much natural luster (read cool hehe) from ourselves during the day anyway.

    If I have a foundation with luster and then highlighter on it, it looks nice for about a quarter of an hour, then the luster becomes together, but the oil as if the whole face is a disco ball. Many say to me "oh do you have oily skin what a luxury, always such a nice glow!" but there is a difference between a fresh glow and looking completely wet on the face haha.

    But at the same time you can not help but yearn for that perfect base full of radiant glow that looks so naturally fresh, so here are my best tips for a radiant base that is also suitable for oily skin!

    1. Decreasing basic products
    Having a base that keeps the skin matte for as long as possible and is not only oil-free but also absorbs the oil is very important. In other words, an oil-free product means that it does not add more oil but not that it is degrading, for best results we need both oil-free and degrading products.

    If you have that base, you can add luster in other ways instead!

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    A matte base to start with! I took photos step by step on this basis as well but thought the post was a bit long so I skipped them :)

    2. Do not apply the highlighter where you get the most oily
    Now to the step I want to focus on!

    The oiliness usually comes mostly in the middle of the face, the T-zone, the apple cheeks and the chin and it is usually in these places that you apply the most highlighter.

    Instead, I usually apply highlighter like this:

    On the cheekbones I put more on the sides of the face and in front of the apple cheek I put incredibly sparingly or nothing at all.

    On the chin, I lay a little further down on the chin and completely skip laying right in the middle of the chin.

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    The nose is usually the most oily part of the face, I put highlighter just right on top, the bridge of the nose is completely free of highlighter and all types of glow products.

    In the forehead, you do not have to put it right in the middle of the forehead, but can focus more on the sides and down towards the temple.

    But it's nice to get a little glow in the middle of the face as well and then I focus on smaller areas that are not as oily:

    Amorbågen! Here I do not get so shiny and it's really nice with luster here :)

    And in the corner of the eye, this is a glowy highlighter and not an eye shadow so you can take a fairly large, fluffy brush and swipe over a fairly large area at the corner of the eye. It does not have to be so much precision.

    And finally under the eyebrow!

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    The highlighter I have used is the one inside the palette Pixi Contour Creator and it is quite mild so I see that it is not so clearly seen in the picture. But you see anyway that despite high coverage and degrading products I have a natural base that does not look like a flat, matte mask? :) And you can simply trust me when I say that I actually had a complexion full of luster haha.

    If you want a more effective glowy highlighter, I can also recommend Pixi Glow-Y-Powder which I wrote about in this post! It gives a lot of effect, is available in 3 colors and is incredibly nice.

    Hope the tips were helpful ♥

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