IsaDora Face Sculptor 03 Nude

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    I got home press samples of IsaDora's news that I think are in store now, blog at my mother's home and do not have the press material with me, but I can not find them anywhere on the internet but it is published on IsaDora's website anyway :)


    IsaDora already has some palettes in the range, although they contain a blush, a sun powder and a highlighter. They have a palette for warm skin tones, one for cold and one that is extra summery as well. This new one is called 03 Nude (nude for people with fair skin).

    This one contains no blush at all so you have to choose another one you like, instead it contains two darker shades (one warm and one cold) and a highlighter.

    A real shadow goes in the cold direction, so to create natural shadows on the face, you should use a cold tone. The warm one can instead have a little extra in e.g. forehead or cheeks to look a little more tan. The highlighter is then used to highlight the high parts of the face.

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    Watch my video on shading, highlighter and blush here if you want to see more about the application technology itself :)


    For me who is a little tan (not quite as pale as I usually am anyway) but still light in the skin, it becomes incredibly natural and nice. The dark colors are not super dark so they are still easy to handle even if you are a beginner, and it is a fairly discreet color scale in general. So I like it!

    Personally, I only use a cold shade + highlighter, I do not usually use a warm one at all, but it is very nice if you want to emphasize the tan like this in the summer :)

    But the first time I tested it, I had a too dark foundation on me (not super dark but darker than I am) so then the shades became incredibly discreet, so it can only be known to you who are not as light as me, you will not have much effect on your skin tone.


    Here you see a close-up of the shades on the skin. Highlighter, bronzer and contour. They are all matte but give a nice luster.

    I like highlighters that either give more luster than this, or are completely matte but lighter, so I will not use it very much but I think it is very nice. On my skin tone, it does not make a super big difference purely in terms of brightness, but gives a discreet glow - which is also very nice and gives a natural and everyday result. In other words no wow effect but natural and nice :)

    This is a perfectly warm tone that is super nice. It is the most pigment-rich of all shades in the palette, and is warm without turning orange or unnatural. Great, two thumbs up!

    This shade is cooler and more like a natural shade. Natural and nice and easy to use even if you are a beginner with this.

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    Summary - A good palette that I recommend for you who want a natural, nice and "reasonable" result and that can be quickly applied in the morning.

    Hug, hug ♥

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