IsaDora's Face Sculptor brushes

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    IsaDora has very good make-up in their range, it is an incredibly good brand in that price range. But, every time I try one of their makeup brushes I get disappointed…

    I received their Face Sculptor Brush and Shadow Blender in the same mail as their new couture palette that I wrote about yesterday. And now I feel very hard, sorry for the IsaDora, but in my opinion they are neither cheap nor good, you can get very better brushes for that money!


    IsaDora Shadow Blender is partly for toning out eye shadows, but also for applying highlighter. It feels quite plastic, and the straws are scattered and generally feel quite few, there is nothing wrong with airy brushes but then the straws must be soft and comfortable as well. It does not absorb as much product and does not feel comfortable on the skin, nor is it particularly effective when trying to blend shadows.

    I might not have missed it as much if it kind of came with free with a shadow or similar, there is worse and it works, but it costs 99 kronor and then I just say - buy someone else.

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    isadora breasts1

    IsaDora Face Sculptor Brush is better, but also more expensive and costs SEK 129, which in my opinion is not worth it either. It is soft and reasonably compact, and gives a nice result. Had it been cheaper, I would have recommended it to you who want a good budget brush, no wow feeling but works well. But for SEK 129, you can get a brush that is even more comfortable, and also easier to use.

    In other words, no brushes I will use, but if you find the big brush on sale you can strike :)

    Hug ♥

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