Makeup and glasses

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    This week I got home a press sample on a pair of glasses without strength from, and I love them!

    Glasses without strength are such a good accessory, I think, because it does not cost as much as regular glasses, so if you do not have bad eyesight, you just have to go shopping :) And you can do that with bad eyesight too, if you have the lenses below.

    Here you see two different ways to put on make-up if you have glasses, which are easy to think about no matter what kind of frames you have:


    When I wear glasses, I try to get balance in the face - If you have a lot of everything, the whole can look a bit messy, if you have a little of everything, you "disappear" behind the glasses, and if you have a lot of just something, all focus is on a place. None of this is necessarily wrong, but it does not create a balance in the face.

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    A simple tip is to try to think "lips, blush, eyes" and only choose two of them. If you have a lot of make-up around the eyes, you can choose a colorful blush and discreet lips, and if you have a lot on both lips and eyes, choose a weaker shade on the blush.

    In these pictures above I have:
    Left picture - Little eyes, but colorful blush and colorful lips.
    Right image - Slight lips, but colorful blush and dark eyes.

    What the glasses then do is to draw a little attention to the eyes in the left image, even though they are completely unmade up, and in the right image the glasses make the sooting look milder as they remove the focus from the darkness around the eyes a bit. And you get these effects at the same time as you get a nice balance in the face.

    The glasses I have in the picture seem to be out of silver, but are available in black here!

    spectacle frames

    More makeup tips for people with glasses:

    Highlight the eyes
    Work a lot with both light and dark eye shadows, as well as shimmery and matte. This creates contrasts which in turn will attract more attention to the eyes. You apply the light / shimmery shadows on the areas you want to emphasize more - the corner of the eye and the eyelid for example. You can use the dark / matte shadows to create more depth in the make-up, for example along the globe line.

    Enlarge the eyes
    Highlighting the eyes and enlarging them is a bit of the same principle, but two details that are very useful for the eye to look bigger and more open are first and foremost to lighten the waterline with a light eyeliner. If you have small eyes / drooping eyelids, I also recommend painting the dark shadow in the globe line a little higher up than what your globe line actually sits - this gives the impression of a larger eyelid and a more open look.

    Myopia / farsightedness
    If you are nearsighted, the glass in the glasses makes your eyes look smaller - work hard to enlarge the eyes.

    If you are farsighted, the glass in the glasses makes your eyes look bigger - this is usually not a problem as many of us like big eyes, then you can just follow your natural features to emphasize what you already have. If, on the other hand, you want to reduce the eyes, you can apply very dark closest to the eyes (eg dark eyeliner along the waterline and lash lines) and then apply lightly along the crease.

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    Adapt to the shape of the glasses
    Put on your glasses and look straight ahead in the mirror. Which parts of the eyes are hidden, and which are clearly visible? In the areas where the spectacle frame takes up a lot of space, it can be a good idea to work mostly with light shadows to highlight, and in the areas where it is completely open, you can focus, e.g. a nice color or a darker shade.

    Do not forget to fill in the eyebrows, otherwise they disappear easily behind the frames.

    An eyeshadow primer is important if you want to bring out the pigments in the eyeshadows properly, so that they are more visible under the glasses. An eye shadow primer is applied after foundation, before eye shadows.

    Complementary colors
    Color will always make your eyes more visible during makeup, and it's so beautiful! A tip for emphasizing your particular eye color is to use the complementary color.

    Blue eyes - Yellow, orange, gold, copper, bronze and such warm shades.
    Brown eyes - Cold shades, e.g. blue, silver and other cool tones.
    Green eyes - Shades that go towards purple, pink and red.

    The basic make-up
    The basic make-up can often get dirty on the glasses during the day, which destroys both your good-looking foundation and soils the frames. Apply a lot of powder around the eyes when you put on make-up, and improve during the day even if you are prone to getting oily. Then your basic make-up is more "fixed" and will not slip around and get stuck on the frames. This tip is especially important for large and round arches, which often touch the cheeks very much if you, like me, have large "apple cheeks".

    You can also apply smaller make-up right where the frames touch if you do not necessarily have to cover much there, e.g. on the sides of the nose. Because the less makeup you have, the less can be rubbed off and leave a mark.


    I personally like to have a little eye makeup and a lot of lips and blush when I wear glasses, it's so heavenly nice :)

    Hope the tips are helpful fine you ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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