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    I was just about to publish this post, and then I saw that it said instead of in the headline !! It's in the fingers, will take a while to get used to the fact that it is only that applies now haha.

    Many of you have peeked into the new webshop already, so much fun! And the Christmas shopping has already started, there are a lot of orders for "classic Christmas presents" which are good gifts :)

    Today is December 1st, where did November go ?? But I really enjoy! I love Christmas and December is the absolute most fun month of the whole year, with New Year's make - up and a lot of speed and fan :)

    In honor of the day, I thought I would tell you about my favorite Christmas gift tips from the webshop for those of you who need inspiration!


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    To him
    We have a lot of beard care and shaving products in the shop, how nice is it not to give away a kit like this with shaving soap*, brush* and super nice razor*? These products are from Captain Fawcett but we also have products from the brands Mr. Bear, Beardition and Headblade.


    To all
    A clear favorite - one gift cards*! Best gift for beauty nerds :)


    For you who travel / need a quick morning routine
    The world's smartest palette for you who want a quick make-up routine in the morning, or who travel a lot and want the make-up to take up little space in the bag. In this Minimal makeup palette* you have both bronzer, highlighter, brow shadow, blush and eye shadows.


    For mom & baby
    Me Anima Baby Oil * is a nutritious organic skin care oil specially formulated to suit sensitive baby skin. Nourishes, protects and softens. Also suitable as bath oil and for baby massage.

    Me Anima Mama Oil * is a nutritious organic skin care oil specially developed for pregnant women and mothers. Strengthens, nourishes and protects the skin before and after pregnancy. Also suitable as bath oil and for massage.


    To all
    Cleaning brush from Pulsaderm* - magical! Also available in white and blue. A cleansing brush that primarily cleanses the skin deeply but is also skin caring thanks to micromassage that starts the blood circulation and makes your skin absorb more of the skin care products you apply afterwards.

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    To all
    Organic skin care from the English brand Botanicals ♥ Smells SUPER good of lemongrass and mandarin.

    Botanicals Body wash* is a pure and natural shower cream that smells incredibly fresh and good of lemongrass and mandarin - which are natural cleansers, and also contain antibacterial tea tree. The skin becomes clean, moisturized and fragrant.

    Coconut oil makes the skin soft, relieves eczema and irritated skin and speeds up the healing process.
    Sunflower oil is moisture-retaining and and strengthens the skin's own barrier protection.
    Glycerin moisturizes chapped and cracked skin.
    Lemongrass & Mandarin cleanses the skin and gives a fresh and wonderful scent.
    Tea tree relieves irritated and inflamed skin, is antibacterial and relieves itching.

    Botanicals Body Lotion* is completely natural and contains, among other things, shea butter, cocoa butter, aloe vera, green tea extract, lemongrass and mandarin, which together provide the skin with plenty of moisture and nutrition. The cream is light and is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves a good and fresh scent of lemongrass and mandarin.

    Shea butter is moisture-retaining, soothes irritated skin and speeds up the healing process.
    Cocoa butter is moisture-retaining, softens the skin and reduces stretch marks and makes scars less visible.
    Aloe vera moisturizes, nourishes and heals the skin.
    Green tea extract is powerful against free radicals and protects the skin from impurities and stess.


    For those interested in make-up
    Nanshy Masterful Collection* is the optimal, perfect, most wonderful makeup brush kit for everyone who loves makeup! A complete set with 12 makeup brushes with everything you need for both eyes, face and lips.

    By the way, do you see such a well-crafted bow on every Christmas gift tip? With our new logo in the middle of the rosette! :) ♥

    Hope you were inspired ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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