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    I have shown some make-up with the products I got at the event with Kat Von D Beauty last week, and tomorrow there will be another make-up :)

    Therefore, I thought I would show you all the products a little closer and tell you what I got for the first impression of it all, so you have some idea of what it is I have used!


    Eyeshadow palette in purple, blue and silvery tones, no matter how nice! The shadows are pigment-rich and easy to use.


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    Nice colors huh? :) These were the two left shadows I used the most in the make-up I published this morning.


    This makeup brush comes in a black, hard case, which is super good if you are going to have the brush in the toiletry bag or pack it in the bag. Best protection :)

    The brush is a duo brush with a soft, rounded, fluffy brush at one end, and a smaller and more compact brush at the other end. The straws are incredibly smooth and soft, great!

    IMG_2693_111 IMG_2707_111This is an eyeliner just to my taste! Tattoo liner is like a brush with straw and you get incredible precision with it. It will be carbon black, sharp and both rub-proof and waterproof.


    As you can see in the picture, this is not a felt-tip pen like many liquid eyeliners in pen form, but this is like a compact brush with straw and a super-thin tip.


    I have not had time to test the lipsticks at all yet, but look what a nice sleeve! So damn cool!


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    I brought with me an orange shade and one that is more brownish red ♥kat-von-d-beauty-mascara

    The mascara looks a little scary in some way I think, the brush is big and I think of some kind of medieval weapon when I see it, like a battle club haha. But it is actually really good and you get separated lashes that get a nice fullness and volume, and it is very easy to use :)

    However, I experience that it can crumble a little when you have had it for a whole day.


    And one of my darlings - Liquid Lipstick! Incredibly creamy and wonderful formula, but which very quickly becomes completely matte and very durable, I love it :)

    If you want a more detailed review of any of the products, just shout out and I will try to arrange it.


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    1. I'm curious about the foundation that should be comprehensive, I have read. Can you not try it and give a review.

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