L'Oréal Paris Color Riche La Palette Lips

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    This week, L'Oréal Paris launches two super nice lipstick palettes! Color Riche La Palette Lips comes in two different color scales, one in red tones and one in nude tones (both light and a little darker).

    Perfect for having a lot of lipstick and the opportunity to vary while it takes up little space in the make-up bag, or if you want to mix colors and make either your own mix or nice umbrella lips.


    The palette contains both a large mirror and a small flat brush that provides good precision (important to get nice contours) so it is great to have in the bag and you can easily improve without having to go to the bathroom or have a sticky brush in the toilet.

    The texture is very creamy and smooth on the lips, not at all sticky or awkward but the lips become really soft and you quickly forget that you even have something on the lips.

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    The durability is much like regular lipsticks, it lasts well but needs to be improved when eating and drinking.

    The scent is like "classic lipsticks" usually smell, no special scent but it smells like, lipstick :)


    Super nice golden palettes, feels really luxurious and nice!


    Fina va? :)

    When the flashes hit the red palette, the top shades look a bit coral pink, but if you look at the reflection in the mirror on the red palette, you see more clearly what the red shades look like in reality - more bright red.


    Here you see the colors, and I think they are about the same on the lips as they look in the palette.

    Red palette contains shades from bright red and bright to brownish red and a little darker. Perfect for us who love red lips but still want to vary!

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    Nude palette contains a light nude color, some "lip color" and also a darker nude color that goes more in the brown direction and is nice on everyone but becomes a nice nude tone on you with darker skin tone.

    I think the colors feel well thought out and really good!


    Here you see the 4th shade from the top of the nude palette, a real Helena shade! You get a nice color on the lips without it feeling crunchy in any direction but fits just at all.


    Two big thumbs up I say!

    The pallets will be launched this week, and cost SEK 229.

    Hugs are ♥

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