Make up over tattoos with Dermablend

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    Dermablend is the well-known make-up brand that has such comprehensive creams that you can even apply make-up over tattoos, and I have tested their "Leg & Body Cover" which is for large areas such as a whole leg or similar.

    I used this when I made up a newly made sleeve tattoo last Sunday, and therefore thought I would tell you what I think of it!


    I have the shade Light which I bought from (incredibly long delivery, think it took 3 weeks before I got it home!). Det was the lightest shade they had, and it does not fit porcelain skin directly, but there should be two lighter shades as well.

    The video clips I have seen with this cream show how quickly it is possible to cover over a dark tattoo, and the only thing they do is to moisturize well before, lubricate the cream with your hands and powder abundantly afterwards.

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    So did I and can say that after the first layer, the tattoos still shine through a lot! So then I used a make-up sponge and dabbed on instead. I let it dry in between but applied 3 coats in total, and finished with loose powder.

    The end result was good enough not to be seen in the picture, neither on bad mobile pictures nor on the photographer's camera. So it was nice. But the darkest parts of the tattoo shone through in reality, and as I said, it took several layers to even get that result!


    In this picture it is not at all visible that her whole forearm is full of tattoos!

    In other words, it covers better than most foundations and you could put several layers without it getting cakey, but I had much higher expectations and would not use this to make off a sleeve before going to a party if you say so!

    On the other hand, Dermablend has other products, cover creams and cover sticks, etc., so I think those products must be better because otherwise the brand would not have become so famous. But this cream is not something I recommend to individuals directly :)

    I long for Anastasia's concealer to be launched in Sweden, it should be able to cover tattoos, I have heard. It will be exciting to test!

    Do any of you know a product that is so comprehensive that it covers tattoos at once?

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. I was actually on dermablend's website yesterday and looked around. A lot had received very good reviews and I actually thought about placing an order until I read your post (and I trust you so you give something a negative review, the product is probably not good :)). I'm looking to be able to cover scars but also tattoos and to hold on and dab in three rounds so as not to even get particularly good coverage sounds just hard and not worth it.

      Hope someone comments and suggests a good brand. Unfortunately, I have not found an alternative to Dermablend, but you think there should be one.

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