Make-up consultation before and after

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    Last Friday I had a make-up consultation at the salon with a girl who has traveled all the way from Lysekil (near Gothenburg) to have a make-up consultation with me in Uppsala, super fun! We have talked about it for a long time but waited until we opened the store, so that she can get the most out of it with all the webshop products in place :)

    Extra fun was that I also got to take pictures, partly for my sake to be able to blog, but also for her own sake to be able to look back on when she will put on make-up at home later. Because even if you understand the place and think that you should remember everything, you may not remember it later when you sit at home yourself with the eyeliner in hand.

    Here is the nice result!


    Nice transformation huh? :)

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    She mainly wanted help with her eyebrows and eyeliner with wing, and tips about her eye shape. And the most important thing is to be able to do the same myself later, so we did a simple eyebrow plucking (her eyebrows before were completely untouched) and then I did a make-up in earthy tones with a clear eyeliner that lifts her eye shape very nicely.

    A good make-up if you want to be able to give many make-up tips while you put on make-up!



    IMG_7426_1111 yasmine-eyes-before-after

    Hope you all were also inspired by the make-up, it will help even more :)

    A make-up consultation costs SEK 795, and then you get products for the entire sum! Perfect to treat yourself if you still need new products - that's what my whole concept is about, both in the shop and in the store, you should not buy a lot of products that sound good on paper but which then mostly lie in a drawer , without getting help to use them as well so that you get as much as possible out of the product.

    Good gift tips too, or Christmas gift tips maybe you should start saying now;)

    Hugs ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. You are good! Had I lived closer, I would have rushed to you right away! Precisely because it is easier to get things explained, but also for that price tag;)
      Stumbled upon this page a few hours ago and have not been able to leave it since. This was exactly what I was looking for (read; help). Have been thinking for a long time about how I should deal with my make-up. Have not put so much energy into grabbing it but today I came to the conclusion that I get so much fitter, both inwards and outwards, with a nice stuff! :)
      Ps. ended up on the page via Google with the keyword 'slanted face'. It's annoying to be asymmetrical, but you're right in that it actually has its charm.

      Now I'll click home some goods and then sleep for a while! Have a good one! Best regards, Cecilia

    2. Woow how nice it turned out, but she was iofs nice before. You got the eyebrows very nice, yes the whole
      the makeup was nice, you are really good, too bad you live so far because then I would have come
      and done a makeup consultation because it's really worth the money.

    3. Super nice!
      Do you have an eyebrow pencil in a cool tone that suits very light blonde hair with rat-colored growth? : p

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