My business week v. 20 & 21

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Now Sunday is here again and it's time to recharge your batteries before we welcome a new week tomorrow! :)

But first a summary of the week that has been, with some content from the week before that also because I did not write a Sunday post last week ♥

Hi, my name is Helena and I'm disturbed in a good way
When it comes to lists and planning, you could call me a little work-injured;) If I do not work with anything special on the weekend, I usually write my Sunday posts already on Saturday and Miska laughed when I saw today's to-do list:

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Quite reasonable planning anyway! Now I sit here and write while my newly permed hair is lying and snuggling in wrapping and when I'm done I will go out in the spa and boil a little before rinsing out my hair. LOVE!

Two weeks in the same Sunday post
This Sunday post is for two weeks because I got sick again last weekend. Next week there will be a new blood test and will be tested for diseases related to the immune system, such as HIV and such. Not because they suspect it but to exclude :) A tip though - if a doctor asks "Is there a risk that you may have HIV?"So do not google the symptoms because when the first three points are" fever, sore throat and swollen lymph nodes "you did not immediately become charred haha.

They would rather just have surgery to remove my tonsils, but since they do not find streptococci or bacteria in cultures, I think it feels insecure, do not want to have surgery unnecessarily if it could be due to something else? A little hard that the decision is on me, hard to say no to something a doctor thinks you should do.

But now I'm as alert as a nut again! :)

I have very close contact with my sister Linda who wrote and asked how I felt last Sunday:

Haha when snapchat stands still and my holy Sunday post is missing, you know that something is wrong;)

Aja, now you have received an update on it too! Now to what my weeks have looked like:

Restructuring and new investment in marketing!
In two weeks, a lot has happened in my little brain. I then wrote that I felt a little unnecessary in the company and that I needed to get to grips with the way I work. I work a lot but it felt like I could not have the same focus and tasks as a year ago. I also wrote that we have increased staff times, which means that we now have a little too much staff compared to the number of customers.

What is the solution to all that then? Well marketing!

As you know, we have an employee who works from home with an online shop, pictures and such. In the past, Malin's main task has been to relieve me because I would never have time for everything else. But now I do not need relief in the same way so we had a long conference call on how we should develop her job so that she can continue to work but earn her own salary anyway.

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Part of the answer is still to relieve / be an assistant, you must not be stingy at that point because the more time I and the staff have to do what we are good at - the more money we can draw in and then we earn to have Malin even though she does not have a direct sale in the cash report like the others.

But she will also take a greater stance on marketing! The sum is that I and the staff collect all material while she handles publishing, routines and structure so that all our channels are updated regularly and with the same design language etc.

A really big job was to go through our marketing statistics. We keep a close eye on reports and statistics in terms of revenue, costs, occupancy, etc., but how many views we have on each post, the statistics on the website, link clicks, etc., we have not kept track of at all - until now. Very interesting indeed! For example. it is different which posts get more interactions on Facebook compared to Instagram.

It is partly important to keep track of to know what works best and what to invest in. But above all, we must be able to follow the increase now that we are making an investment in this area. Now our high season begins so we can not only compare marketing with revenue but we must see that each post gets more views and link clicks and that the visits to the website actually increase in number.

It will be so exciting!

I myself will invest more in "beauty articles" for the website that can be sponsored in social media, it is still only my blog and instagram that gives sales in the webshop but I really think that the webshop is so good with all makeup tips etc. that it could be so much bigger with just a little more advertising! :)

For example. I did another make-up this week with the eyeliner pen Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in the shade Matte Mulberry - because then I can make a post where I show three different make-ups with the same pen! Fun right? :)

I have also photographed 5 different smokey eyes made with black eye shadow this week which will be a smokey eye post. But I have not had time to go through those pictures yet.

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I have listed many ideas that I will write down! If you have any wishes, you are welcome to shout!

Meeting & salon work
Speaking of marketing, we also had a staff meeting this week and talked a lot about taking pictures and stuff. It will be easy so that when you are fully booked you graze by all customers on a conveyor belt and everything goes as on rails only, but when you get smaller bookings in the autumn / winter that is when you get a fire in the butt "now we have to publish a lot and bring in customers !! ”.

My plan is to take photos and market as much as possible already now so that there will never be a slump in the autumn and winter. This year we are prepared! :)

They were also very happy that they can only send their pictures to Malin who then takes care of the publication, luxuriously with help ♥

I myself was so tired of the meeting because it was my first fever-free day and I was still very tired. Had to fight a little extra, you are only human, but that kind of thing should not affect your job, I think, you can at least do your best not to do it :)

He did not take photos when everyone was in place because we only had one hour and every minute counts. But this is what it looked like before everyone came :) So nice that we have a staff room again now!

Speaking of the extra room, Annika had a test make-up on a customer with a baby there too! Perfect with a childcare room where you do not disturb other customers who receive a relaxed treatment haha.

I have some photo stuff I do not use and am thinking of taking them there and photographing beauty articles on other people? The posts I made with pigment spots and hooded eyes became so very popular!

My photo studio is at home, but you do not want to take anyone home, but to do it in the extra room would be spotless :)

At the staff meetings, there are always a lot of small problems that need to be solved. One of them is the lighting in the make-up studio on some lamps in the ceiling caused shadows, it says Miska and fixes here! In the background you can see another man fixing our AC. The fix list also includes buying indoor slippers, fixing fluorescent lamps and finding a solution for the wheels on one of the treatment chairs that does not roll efficiently. Soon it's probably time to hire a caretaker hahaha.

I have also fixed new employment contracts for all staff. The template that I used before was made by Annika a long time ago in the program Numbers and it was so hard and cumbersome, but you write agreements so rarely so I have never considered doing it again. But now that we have changed services + have two extra workers, I needed to rewrite them all at once and then I grabbed it and changed the whole template at the same time. Took only 3.5 years to get to grips with it haha.

This was a classic thing that looks like a small item on the to-do list "make new employment contracts" but which in the end takes a very long time before they are printed and signed.

My perception of time is like this, so before I started writing today, I had to go back to the blog for 2 weeks and see what I did last Sunday post.

What has happened since then apart from what I wrote above is, among other things, that the autumn schedule has finally been nailed down and opened in the booking system! I have a problem with Dropbox and storage space to be able to easily send pictures between me-salon-Malin. I have set a new strategic focus and changed some measurement documents to reach our target picture in June 2019. I am reviewing our Paese range with news and products that are being discontinued / changed. I have also completed the stock purchase that I blogged about before; the investment in the start-up company to help people with alcohol problems. And I have had 4 customers at the salon as well and babysit Mileya while Annika had customers.

And I have answered as many emails as I can, it has really increased with questions about make-up tips, product recommendations, etc. I think it's so much fun! :)

I have been working from home for two days this week and my cat Viktoria loves it haha.

Coffee break with quality
I have a bit of a hard time with breaks because when I'm at work I do not want to break my focus. I do not enjoy a break so much either, I prefer to drink coffee at the same time instead of taking a whole break.

But now I realize why - when you work in the city, a coffee break is not very nice, if you do not have it at the same time as colleagues of course. But the days I work from home in the country and the weather is nice outside, it's really WORTH it! You take 15-30 minutes from your working day, but charge the batteries so much that the efficiency afterwards earns them those minutes without a doubt!

We are very close to a lake from our cottage so Miska and I brought a coffee thermos and two cups and took a coffee break there:

There are Canada geese with babies (!) Swimming next to one of the boats in front! I do not want to work from home full time but two or three days a week it is about now and it is perfect, it will be very effective rest on my coffee breaks this summer I feel;) The most important thing is just to have self-discipline to end the break as well Lol.

No, now it's time to jump in the hot tub and then rinse out my beautiful lock of hair!

Have a great Sunday everyone! ♥

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