My business week v. 28

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    It is a short working week also this week when I was still on Gotland on Monday and last Friday I turned 25 so then I took time off and indulged in a long weekend too :)

    I do not take a holiday this summer so you have to take the opportunity to take a few small days here and there instead! Leisure and getting other impressions are at least as important to get creative. At work you are productive and graze on your checklist - but the motivation and most new ideas you collect outside of work ♥

    But it has still been very eventful working days Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I can promise that :)

    Relocation on g!
    In March, I wrote in the post My business week v.11 that we would stir in the pot - then I could not go into exact details but I thought it might be fun to feedback to it now so you know what it was I was talking about then :)

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    1. The biggest was the restructuring financially (which I have already told about in this post) between the companies that run Creative Makeup - which now from 1 July is completely under the same roof not only practically but also financially. It's a horse job during the move and there are still small threads to fish up before everything is completely in place, but it makes it so much easier in the long run!

    2. The second thing I will tell you now - it is that we will change premises and move the salon! No not to Spain;) but a better location but about the same location in Uppsala. We have recently been looking for vacant premises and sent lots of expressions of interest to various brokers and compared prices here and there. We have also looked at one before but it did not feel spotless, it was sickly cheap for that situation but you do not want to go down to standard either.

    We have not decided anything for 100% but we have actually found a venue that has a hit on almost all parts so it is likely that we will hit on it! In any case, our goal is to terminate our current contract before the end of July! Because we have a 9-month notice period, so we have to cancel it now if we are to avoid another summer here.

    Reason for moving:
    Old premises and poor conditions: Our current contract is very bad, we have a "demolition contract" and are responsible for exactly everything ourselves and even though it is so nice on the outside, it is very old and we have a lot of problems with heating and ventilation in the summer and in the winter we have the opposite. super cold instead - which affects both us and the customers very negatively. There are also problems with hot water (eg if you wash many make-up brushes at once) and there will be a power failure if we use several sockets at the same time. This was "good" in the beginning because it meant that we only had to sign a contract for 1 year (there is always a risk of tying up in the beginning before getting everything started) and we also got cheaper rent per square meter because we rent it in "existing condition", so even though it is very expensive because it is a total of 367 sqm large, it would have been for expensive if there had been better conditions.

    Staffing in store: In addition, we want to get away from the "store feeling" a bit and invest more in treatments. We will continue to sell products and have the webshop as usual of course, but as we have it now, we can absolutely not afford to hire a person who is at the checkout / reception full time and now it takes a lot of time and energy to "guard the checkout ”. And the product sales we have in store are still to 90% in connection with treatment, those who come in and only buy products are definitely not one of our big revenues.

    Economy: Then it is also an economic issue, we do not want to go down in standard, but since we do not necessarily need a visible store with large shop windows, you get directly down a little in price of just that. Then if we have a better planned room, we do not need as much space as we have now either, there are so many unnecessary square meters in the room we have now and you pay rent per square meter. The room we have our eyes on now is more expensive per square meter but is only 203 sqm large so it will be about 22,000 SEK a month and then we have much better conditions as well. A lot of money per year that you can spend on other good things :)

    So summa summarum: Before next summer we will have moved but nothing has been decided and signed yet. But the process is in full swing regardless of whether it will be the room we are looking at now or if something else will appear. It will be a big project, but the financial structuring and relocation will make everything so much easier once everything is done!

    Here we sit and go through the floor plan after we were looking at the interesting room last Thursday! How we ev. could plan all treatment rooms etc :) So fun!

    Annual meeting & financial statements
    Last June we have financial statements in the company and our financial year (corporate year) is over - now we start from 0 again and tick upwards on a new ball :)

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    Therefore, we had an annual meeting where we went through the goal picture that we set a year ago that had a deadline now! We compiled all metrics and got an overview of how we have developed.

    So there has been a lot of planning for this this week, to make diagrams of all the numbers and put together a powerpoint presentation. I think it's very fun actually :)

    And so we got the accounting reports for the whole year as well, there are always small adjustments before the financial statements are finished, but as it looks, even By Her AB plus, albeit very little hehe (By Her AB has not had all the income for the whole salon without type half). That By Her AB goes plus (or type plus minus zero) feels kind of hallelujah-good because we really did not think so! We have good sales but have sickly high wage costs (and other costs) and have gone minus almost every month. Meen it is the final number that counts;)

    We do not need to have lots of profit either, last year we went plus but then Miska and I had not taken out almost any salary at all (we did not even have to pay tax because it was under 18,000 kroner haha). But now we have taken out a similar salary as the employees have and yet it has merged - so only it feels like a huge profit!

    I take advantage of all the time I can - here I am sitting in the car on the way to work and planning the meeting!

    Target image and self-propelled salon
    As I said, our target image had a deadline of 30 June. The goal picture is thus not concrete goals such as "we will turn over so many millions" but more a picture of how we want the company to look, purely visually. Our goal image was a lot about our media flow (eg with beauty guides structure in the webshop and campaign images that are replaced every month, events, etc.) but also a lot about the staff's development and areas of responsibility. All these points are checked (wihoo!) Except for one point where we could not hide under the chair that we actually have a bit left - we have come a long way but we were a bit naive when we set a 1 year deadline on it.

    The point that we have a bit left on is that the salon should be self-sustaining both practically and financially even without me, Miska and Annika in place. It's not about us not ska be left without a company that only hangs on a few people becomes very insecure. Before, there were very practical things that only me and Miska could, e.g. the webshop, when a customer wants to pay in installments, what to do if the internet stops working, order both products and consumables and all that. So if we had become ill, it would have created quite big problems, and we could not take time off either.

    The same thing was with Annika, but financially - that we received enough for the rent each month was basically only thanks to her income.

    We've done a real bang job with all this! Taught work tasks and different areas of responsibility, has an apprenticeship plan and pricing strategy, expands with treatments and invests more in teeth whitening and soon also fibroblast and microneedling and much more.

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    But we have a little bit left to go, which is partly a "real" deadline now because Annika really disappears in January when she gets her baby :) So then the finances have to hold anyway! And then the move solves things both financially and practically as well.

    So we are incredibly happy with all the work we have done in just one year and that we at the same time has increased so incredibly much in the way of customers! Wow! Now we look ahead and have a very eventful year ahead of us.

    Here you see some statistics I showed at the meeting, on this one you see our occupancy rate (ie how much % of working time we have bookings) and how it has increased in 2 years. Crazy! The lowest figure was 35% and the highest figure is 97% - and that is the average for all employees. Awesome, right? :)

    At the meeting we also talked a bit about why we do things. Why is it good when the company is doing a lot plus financially? What difference does it make for those who are employed?

    There are many answers to that - apart from the essential parts such as that they do not have a workplace if things are going very badly for the company;) there is so much you can develop if you have money to move around! Of course you need a buffer for security, but other than that, the money makes no difference when it is high on the bank :)

    What if we could all go to Milan, for example? That fair that Annika and I were at. God so fun and inspiring! And there are lots of things that are both fun and edifying for the company that we could do!

    We offered strawberries and smoothies and ended the annual meeting by saying "happy new year!" haha, because it will be a bit like New Year for us :)

    Huge addition of inspiration and motivation!
    I feel life in me! It is such a nice summer, I have had days off and I have also turned one and then got a trip to Spain as a birthday present from Miska! All this has really kicked off daydreams-Helena and I have such enormous inspiration for the future now :)

    Miska sang me up in the morning with helium balloons, breakfast in bed and a package that contained this funny picture haha and a map of southern Spain as well as the documents that he booked a flight, hotel for 2 nights and a rental car!

    On 10 Sep we go to the south of Spain and rent a car for a full 16 days (!) And will live in different places throughout the south of Spain! So cool! Miska has booked the first 2 nights and on the evening of my birthday then we each took a glass of bubbly and booked two more hotels - one that is in an old stone castle type and one that is in the small town of Júzcar called "the smurf city" because all houses are blue :) So cozy! You who have been to the south of Spain are happy to come up with tips !!

    We've checked approximately what we want to see on the road (but will be very spontaneous on the spot) e.g. shall we stay in Gaucin where my dream house is located (costs 30 million but you have to dream haha!) so in addition to the trip itself will be super wonderful, I will also dream away in future plans! You know that we want to move to Spain (or another warm Spanish-speaking country) in the future! :)

    Miska and I are so funny at that point - sometimes we float away so much in our dreams that we forget that we have not gotten there yet. After we booked the hotels, we took a bath and talked about how we will run the salon when that day comes that we live in Spain. When the salon is really self-propelled, most of our work can be done remotely and we can attend meetings via Skype! And then I suddenly became afraid (for real) that everyone will think "why do Helena and Miska get paid by the company, it's WE who do all the work! Why should they have a piece of the cake, they just sit and ice cream in the sun!And then I realize that we are still sitting in our old bathtub which is so rusty that it is taped with silver tape on the edges and the bathroom fan in the ceiling sounds bad because someone removed the tweezers which must sit as a support on the side for the wings on the fan should not hit the edge haha.

    A bit like when we had just started the salon 2.5 years ago and had super big problems both financially and practically and then we went out and ate at a restaurant and talked about "how fun it would be to invest in smaller companies".

    We are disturbed but in a good way you can say;)

    There are really no words for how much I like this little filure :) Here he is sitting next to me when I put on make-up one morning a week (this makeup in the making) and drank coffee and talked shit ♥

    Long post today but I was in such a typing mood so it just rattled on the keyboard haha! Now I will continue to enjoy the weekend and look forward to the next work week!

    Hugs are! :)

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