My business week v.39

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    I am back! :)

    It will be a short business post this Sunday because we came home from Spain on Wednesday night so I have only worked 3 days this week - but it was really a kickstart after the holidays!

    If we had a good time? Incredibly good! What a panic it was !! :) I have been asked to make a post about the whole trip because several have seen my insta stories and become curious about how it works to rent a car in Spain and tips on sights, etc. if you are going to make a similar trip yourself. So I do not write much about the trip here, but you who are eager to read more will get a full post about it soon instead!

    Did the company survive our holiday?
    I had so unusually extremely many catastrophic thoughts before the trip, but you know what? I came home to a living cat, a house left on the ground and happy colleagues and happy customers! Pjuh haha.

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    During the holidays I have answered the most important emails and been available when needed but I have almost been 100% free in fact! We have put a lot of focus on the "daily activities" in the company being self-sustaining without us and we are starting to see more and more that it gives results! My colleagues are so heavenly talented! :)

    I just had to take a picture of Norwegian's flight magazine when we were on the plane, I flipped through and suddenly Maria Strömme appeared! :) It is she who is the nanoprofessor who developed the new topic Upsalite that I blogged so much about before, it was through her that I started doing consulting work for Upsalite and I last made her up just a few days before this :) Such a power woman!

    Back to work
    Before I went on holiday, I kind of drowned in my to-do list and it was not mainly urgent things but I just really did not want stuff that lagged behind when I came back. IF I was grateful for that now? Really worth gold!

    You have a lot to deal with as it is still after 2.5 weeks away from work.

    When I sat in the car on the way to the salon before the first working day, it did not feel difficult at all, I was aware of the situation as well :)

    Treated me to a Celsius on the way to work last Thursday - to kickstart the kickstart as well;)

    Lots of customers & Saturday jobs
    On Thursday and Friday, I grazed on all the "admin work" needed to get back on track after the holidays. And I also had some regular customers waiting for me to come back.

    Last Saturday, our makeup artist Lisa (who usually works every Saturday) was on Hairology training, so I took her Saturday this week and had a bridal makeup, a makeup consultation and an eyebrow client. So it was only 4 hours at the salon and then I went home and continued working at the computer at home in bed.

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    Autumn event!
    We kicked off the first working day on Thursday with events in the evening! We had a beauty event together with Art Clinic and some other companies in the industry and it was so successful!

    Since it was my first day of work, I had prepared everything before I left, with signs, packing lists, winnings, offers, areas of responsibility, etc. so I barely needed to lift a finger now because the staff packed everything last so I just went there and set up everything , so awesome ♥

    There were a lot of guests who were happy to talk and interested and asked a lot of questions and then I'm in my element, I love talking to people! :)

    I only took a few quick pictures just when the event started because I was full then!

    Here is Annika with the little baby's belly talking about permanent makeup and showing pictures of lip tattoo on the screen next to her :)

    We received a lot of bookings and had a really nice evening! I love the feeling after events, you are happy and full of energy from all the nice people and wonderful laughs - at the same time as you are completely finished after all the work you put in and the long and intense day. Tired but satisfied :)

    Active rest
    Rest and recovery are very important to feel good! For me, different types of rest are needed, you can divide it into physical rest and mental rest.

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    Sometimes you need to rest by, for example, lying on the couch and watching a movie for a whole day, ie physical rest where you simply do nothing at all. But I have a period now where I need more active rest = you are free but do fun things that remove thoughts from work and musts while I am physically active!

    I felt this extremely much on our Spain trip where we stayed in 9 different hotels for 16 days and experienced lots of new places and impressions. It was absolutely perfect timing right now! Last winter I needed physical rest - then we were in Mexico and just ate, bathed and sunbathed and I felt SO good about it then! And now I need mental rest where my body was active but my brain had a holiday and I felt SO good about it now.

    I have worked so much in recent years that I have been a bit "obsessed" with being home when I am free. I have hardly wanted to hang out with people so as not to "miss the weekend", completely sick. But as an entrepreneur, you already have a vague boundary between work and private life and for a while everything felt planned as a job or a must, even though it was just fun things. It became like "another thing on the to-do list" no matter what it was. But now that has started to get easier, which I think is great fun!

    I heard Bert Karlsson talk about it in the business podcast a long time ago too, he plays Flipper to get the brain to relax and thinks everyone should have it in the staff rooms haha. Wonderful idea I think :) It's a bit the same principle, it gives mental rest.

    Therefore, I now have a huge desire to plan things on the weekends, which is not at all like me, such as going out and dancing and going far to meet old friends. So fun! I actually feel more alert after this trip than when I just lay and lazed for 2 weeks in Mexico haha.

    Life should have more mountains and less stress - so you do not understand how wonderful I felt in nature in Spain! I had not understood before how extremely mountainous it is in southern Spain? Just looking out the window when we drove what a magic!

    Yesterday when I had finished working I had physical rest - watched a series in the bathtub ♥

    And today I will have an active rest as I will first go to a small animal market with Annika who will possibly buy more hens and then I will continue this eternity project with firewood for the winter!

    Hugs are! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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