My business week v. 49

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    It feels a little skewed to think back on the week that has been because we have had so much time, so it feels like two weeks in the same!

    It may feel like that because we have done a lot on several various areas - when I wrote my last Sunday post just a week ago we had not even started the renovation of the new salon, the new schedule for 2019 was not finished yet and not even my photo corner at home was ready so I had not been able to take a single step -for-step-make-up in the new house / cottage than.

    But now there are even more balls rolling and it is progressing by leaps and bounds!

    Lunch with Peragenda
    Last Monday I, Miska and Annika had lunch with Tommy who runs the company Peragenda, he kept up with the great business development we did almost 3 years ago. I'm 99% convinced that we had not been on the ballot with the company for so long and got it as good as it is now - if it were not for Tommy and Matilda at Peragenda. It is thanks to them that we have such a good structure with communication, routines, meetings, goals, sub-goals and that the staff are involved in everything.

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    It's so much fun talking business with Tommy! I said we should start an entrepreneurial podcast together haha.

    He is nerdy acquainted with how the brain works and often refers to different studies whatever you talk about, suddenly he comes in with sentences like "There is a study that shows that man hates loss 3 times more than he likes profit"Note now I do not remember if" 3 times "was right so it may be a bit of a factual error but you understand the point :) I love that! To connect real events with mental training, understanding of the brain and concrete problem solving. It will not only be phrases and quotes that sound good but can not be applied to reality in a simple way, but concretely how to solve all the situations as well, if you understand what I mean?

    And so it feels a bit nostalgic to talk about the trip we made too, Tommy was involved from the beginning of the merger as we had lots of problems both because everything was new to everyone with such a large salon, but also because we were new managers completely without experience in connection with a staff that is far from as efficient and ambitious as we have today! Tommy is so proud of us he says, haha! It warms! :)

    One more salon baby in May & new schedule 2019
    Now the schedule for 2019 is finally ready and open for bookings. We opened all makeup artists for June and now the next step is to plan holidays so that we can open the schedule for the summer, all wedding bookings will start coming in soon!

    A bump in the road (but a fun one!) Is that Lisa came into the office and told me she has a baby in her womb! Waah! ♥ It felt like a milestone for me to be the "person behind the desk" when you go in and tell the news to the boss as well. It was a first time! I flew out of the chair and gave her a big hug !! So fun!!

    So Lisa's schedule is only open April and we already have a makeup artist on the line who is interested. She will come and do test makeup at the salon first just so we can assess her knowledge in reality before she gets the job, but she feels spotless! She has just won the Cidesco Makeup & Bodyart Competition 2018 and also does effect makeup and hair styling.

    So Lisa's "mother-substitute" and the holiday schedule remain on my to do, but the most important thing before the salon move is arranged now in any case!

    Then we could also advertise our relocation on social media!

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    Started renovation of the new salon
    The salon we are moving to is, as I mentioned earlier, the same room that Annika had before we merged 3 years ago. Then it was completely renovated and fresh but after a number of tenants the floor is really worn, a wall has been moved so we have to tear it down and build a new one and in addition all the walls are crammed of nail holes and plugs. In addition, the latest tenant had left a lot of stuff as well, so the first item on the list was to get the room empty.

    So there is a lot of work to be done before we can move all the furniture there on weekdays, but we are already well on our way! :)

    Here I stand and punch holes in the wall! When we moved from Gimo, I only brought clothes that I am using right now, because the move is not completely finished yet, so I had no clothes I could ruin with paint - then I had to borrow this shitty jumpsuit that Annika has sewn! She threw it together to test different seams on her new sewing machine so it should not be used anyway, and you have to look good when you also paint;)

    We had sandpaper left over from when we were renovating our current premises - but no wooden block. Then you have to be a little clever and I felt unreasonably smart when I realized that a tops box works just as well!

    Here I paint with a make-up brush as a brush as well - you take what you have! :)

    Now half the salon is painted and the wall I was talking about is not only demolished but also built in the right place as well! So next week the rest of the walls will be painted and then we will paint the floors as well (we have a fun idea for the floors which I hope will be as good as it is in our heads !!) then the basic job is done.

    We are investing in being completely finished with the actual renovation work by next Sunday, but I am an incredible time optimist when it comes to renovation so I do not dare to promise too much haha.

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    The photo studio is ready!
    This week I have been able to put on make-up in the new photo studio corner every morning and also make blog material with step-by-step make-up and product photos :) The first step was to get everything here, the second step was to clean the attic so that I could place with everything and the last step was to get good light with a white background.

    I found a roll of white oilcloth at the salon, unfortunately it consisted of several small parts and not a large one, but after a bit of thinking I got it great!

    When a makeup artist plays carpenter…;) I sand with tops, paint with makeup brushes and hammer with face primer, the funny thing is that these pictures are 100% real and nothing I did to be a little "crazy". I did not even realize my carpentry theme until I wrote "bring makeup brushes for painting" on my to-do list haha!

    This is what my photo corner looks like now! White wax cloth as a background and two small pieces that cover the small windows above. The windows are not visible in my pictures, but if it is bright outside, there will be backlight so they still needed to be covered.

    I have also received new samples of one of the products for the make-up brand we want to start and it is starting to approach real quality now in the corner, oh it was so fun to really feel ”yes! here we have it!”Then it takes a lot more tests before I am 100% safe but there is nothing that makes me as happy as really good products!

    Speaking of new ideas, we hatched another business idea the other day, now that we live with Annika, there is no stopping us haha. This is an idea that has nothing to do with the beauty industry, but it came from our discussions about pregnancy and "snippet health", you could say. It's sickly smart! We will do some research;)

    I have also taken swatch pictures of the new Pixi Liquid Fairy Lights that I blogged about in this post! I'm in love! :)

    Month end & homework
    On Tuesday we were going on a maternity course but it was canceled so we worked from home instead. Among other things, I grabbed the reports from November and ticked off my entire "checklist at the end of the month list" with everything that needs to be done at the end of each month. Salaries must be submitted and reports and statistics must be arranged. It is very important to keep track of the economy! I will probably never delegate this to the staff because then I would not have a stone's throw anymore :)

    When I work at home full time, I have to be more structured with "this is my work chair and here I always sit when I work and never when I am free" to separate work and leisure. But now that I only work at home from time to time, you have to cuddle up in bed with sweets and cat cuddles at the same time;)

    My cat Viktoria thrives so well in her new home! She is more outdoors now than she ever was in Gimo (where she mostly lay on the couch and lazed) and runs in the woods, mischief on the stairs and always wants to lie under the covers when we are in bed ♥

    Now I, Miska and Annika are going to that maternity course that was canceled on Tuesday! It is a "food without fear course". It will be so exciting! We already talk a lot about breathing techniques, relaxation exercises etc. but it is different everywhere so it will be fun to get a proper review of this technique.

    Hope you had a great week too!

    Hugs are! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hi Helena!
      It's super fun to follow these posts as you really get to keep up with your journey with the salon and all that. But one thing I think about… You have written a lot about the salon move, but that you are moving and living in another place feels like it came all of a sudden (or I have missed something). How is it that? If it's a private matter, of course you do not have to tell, but it came as a surprise to me who just follows you here and it would be fun to hear the background!

      Thanks for a great blog, you do a great job!

      • Hi Amanda! Oh what fun that you like these posts, it makes me really happy! I understand that it comes as a surprise when you read the blog, because it came as a "surprise" for us also a little. It went from decision to move in just one week type! The circumstances are private because it is not only me who is involved, but it was decided that some kind of change in the housing situation would take place, but it was not planned that it would be like this. However, I have started to get used to the idea and it still feels good even though it came suddenly :) Hugs to you!

        • Thanks for the reply! It's so much fun with bloggers interacting with their readers. Keep up the good work, you are cruel!

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