Duo eyeshadow brush - A makeup brush, several uses

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    Duo eyeshadow brush - A makeup brush, several uses - I have long used a makeup brush that I had completely forgotten that it originally comes from the same distributor that I buy Sanctum from, it is a real multitask brush that has hung with me for probably two years now, and which I use for basically every single make-up I do!

    And since I already have good contact with the distributor, I had to buy a bunch right away as soon as I realized that they have it! Three new ones for myself, and the rest for the store and webshop;)


    This is available for purchase HERE <-

    The brush is a vegan duo brush from the organic brand Eco Minerals, with a wide brush on one side and a narrow slanted slightly smaller brush on the other side. Both sides are quite compact, but the straws are incredibly smooth and soft.

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    I use it for both base makeup, eyebrows and eye makeup!


    This is what the wide brush looks like, at the same time it is very flat so I use the wide side for slightly larger areas, and the narrow top when I need more precision. At the top it is very narrow as you can see!


    And here is the slightly less slanted brush that is perfect for eyebrows and eye makeup!

    Here are some examples of how I usually use the brush:


    Brighten up under the eyes
    To apply concealer (or light, matte highlighter) under the eyes, this brush is absolutely perfect! On the one hand, you can apply to the entire area under the eyes with the flat side, and the narrow top reaches the lower lash line super easily.

    And if you have bags under the eyes or are very sunken and need to light up extra much in the "depth", this brush has a perfect precision if you turn it and use the edge or top of the brush!


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    To apply highlighter on smaller areas of the face, it is also great, to brighten up e.g. under the eyebrows, the cupid's arch of the lips, the chin, etc.

    Also perfect for applying regular concealer, both on larger areas and on smaller blemishes (use the top for more precision, and use the flat side on larger areas).


    The slanted brush is perfection when filling in eyebrows!


    It is also perfect when you want to paint lashliner, or lash marking as it is also called.

    Eye shadow
    The sloping side is perfect for all sharp lines but wants to do with eye shadow, or a cream eyeliner. And also to apply eye shadow on the underside of the eyes.


    Whenever I put a white mark under the eyeliner (as you have seen in lots of my make-up, I love to do so) I always do it with the top of this brush's wide brush!


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    That said, a real multitask brush that I really like! :)

    Now available for purchase HERE and costs SEK 169.

    Hugs are! ♥



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