Nouriche by Revitalash

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    Hi wondering if you know if they got to remove a substance from revitalash that they got to do with neulash?

    The eyelash industry Neulash contained a substance that had been tested on animals and was therefore completely banned. Then they did a thorough inspection of all lash serums and found a substance in Revitalash that is not classified as cosmetics in Europe, but is listed as a medicine. This in itself is not strange (I think) because it is a doctor who developed Revitalash to help cancer patients get their hair growth back.

    Revitalash was thus not banned, all retailers were allowed to sell out of their stock but could not buy more. Instead, Revitalash came out with a new fringe industry - Nouriche by Revitalash. I have tested it, but got no result at all unfortunately, neither bad nor good.

    I thought then ”did it really just depend on that one ingredient?”, Because the first fringe industry gave me such heavenly good results.

    But now that I read a little closer, Nouriche is one new formula. Then it is not as strange anymore, because eyelash nourishment works very individually. One person may get superb results from one brand, while another may even get an allergic reaction.

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    This is how it goes the website:
    "This is a completely new formula. Nouríche ™ not only places emphasis on creating the most luxurious lashes, but also on real problems such as combating the activity of free radicals on the lashes that arise due to environmental stress. In addition, a priority during the development of this unique blend has been the commitment to provide uncompromising levels of moisturizers and conditioners in Nouríche. "


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