Palina Perfect Liner Black Review (Drama Queen)

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    You who read my posts and product lists during my make-up, you have seen that I have recently used eyeliner and mascara from Palina a lot!

    I actually got home a small package with Palina - a brand that I have heard a lot about but never actually tested! And now I have been using these for a while and thought to start by reviewing the eyeliner :)

    Here you see the result! :)

    Palina Drama Queen Perfect Liner costs SEK 235, and I have both positive and negative things to say about it actually!

    This is because I personally love to use it and will continue to do so, but the negative points may be a deal breaker for some of you.

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    ♥ If I am going to start with the positive, I first of all want to give a big plus to the actual application tip! Many "eyeliner pens" of this kind have a point that resembles a felt-tip pen, like a small sponge that sucks up the eyeliner as well, but this one consists of suitable small straws and is more reminiscent of a real eyeliner brush!

    ♥ It is superduper easy to paint fine and straight lines, even thin, with this tip that is just right soft and firm and gives off just the right amount of color at once - neither too dry nor too wet. You get a carbon black and very nice result immediately :)

    X  The durability is also good, but not as good as it promises I think. I do not notice anything negative when I have it in my make-up, the eyeliner is just as nice from morning to evening. However, it should be waterproof, and most waterproof eyeliners can not handle both water and rubbing at once, but this can barely handle just water. If you paint a line on your hand, much of the color disappears as soon as you have your hand under running water!

    X  And it is also not 100% rub-proof, it lasts well, but if I paint a line on my hand and rub with my fingertip, the eyeliner becomes a little smeared, not much, but a little. And if you have eyes with a lot of small lines, I unfortunately do not recommend it, because it unfortunately has a small tendency to flow out in the lines before it dries.

    In other words - To my eyes it fits perfectly and I love to paint with it, you will see it in several make-ups in the future! However, if you have a lot of lines around the eyes and / or eyes that tear easily, etc., then you should probably choose another eyeliner.

    The silver sleeve is very nice, I must say, the whole product feels luxurious! :)

    Any of you who have tested this? What did you think?


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    Helena Amiley
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