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    As you have seen in my latest make - ups, most recently in mine makeup video I published earlier today, I use the eyeshadow primer Pixi Eye Bright Primer to all my eye makeup.

    I have been looking for an eyeshadow primer that is good for the environment, the eyes and of course also when putting on make-up, and when I tested Pixi Eye Bright Primer for the first time, I did a little shot of joy!

    And when my sister texted me a few days ago and wrote "I love the primer !!" which she bought from me last week, so I realized that now I have to show it to you in a blog post :)


    ♥ The eyeshadow primer comes in a smart pencil with an applicator that makes it easy to spread the cream on the eyelid. Screw in the bottom of the pen and a fair amount of primer will come out directly on the applicator.

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    ♥ The texture is creamy and soft, without being sticky. Easy to spread on the eyelid and get even and nice. Apply directly with the pen, and then spread the cream evenly with your fingertip.

    ♥ Contains, among other things, chamomile that has soothing, moisturizing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

    ♥ Has a neutral light beige shade that makes the color of your eye shadow as nice as in the packaging.

    Why use eyeshadow primer?
    To make the eye shadow adhere better and become more colorful, and above all more durable. With an eye shadow primer during make-up, your eye makeup lasts from morning to evening! This is because the eyelids also become oily during the day (often even on people with dry skin) and with the stress when you also blink, in the end your entire make-up will be like two lines on the eyelid before the day is over - if you do not use an eyeshadow primer.

    primer eye shadow

    Here you see the difference of a purple eye shadow without and with the eye shadow primer from Pixi. The shadow adheres much better with a primer underneath!

    How to use eyeshadow primer?
    1. Apply the basic make-up as usual, also on the eyelids.
    2. Apply a thin layer of the eyeshadow primer on the entire eyelid and dab with your fingertip so that the primer is even and fine.
    3. Apply the eyeshadow on the eyelid. Dab it with the make-up brush (not with sweeping movements) and press firmly with eye shadow so that the primer is dry and fixed. After that, you can use sweeping movements with the brush to fade the colors.

    What is the difference between eyeshadow primer and face primer?
    These are two completely different products, and you can not use eye shadow primer on the face or vice versa. Both are called primers because both are a foundation you lay before the "visible makeup" to get a better result, but it is not the same kind of content.


    Pixi Eye Bright Primer contains 2.2 grams and costs SEK 199 HERE.

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    Shout out if you have any questions! :)

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