Eyebrow pencil with pen & gel - Pixi Natural Brow Duo

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    One of all the positive qualities that I love about the makeup brand Pixi, is that their products are so well thought out and practical!

    Their eyebrow pencil for example - It has first and foremost a very special (and smart!) Cape that easily creates both sharp lines or a soft filling depending on how you use it. And in addition, the pen also has a built-in colored brow that also gives a light color and keeps the straws in place :)

    And besides that, the pen itself is incredibly durable as well, the result is eyebrows that are both rub-proof and waterproof!


    Pixi Natural Brow Duo so looks like this when all the corks are on. But if you remove the top, you can unscrew the pen itself:


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    The cape is like a triangle, with a very narrow tip that you can paint sharply with, and also sharp edges if you want to use the long sides, and then the "bottom of the triangle" is soft and fine.


    And on the other side you can unscrew an eyebrow brush that comes out of the cream in the sleeve! It is a practical small spiral brush with gel which, without making the straws hard, combs them in place and makes them stay nice all day without lying down in different directions.

    The gel is lightly colored to emphasize the eyebrows' own color, and can therefore be used even without the pen if you want very natural eyebrows one day. The difference is thus not so great that one e.g. can use the brown gel on blonde eyebrows to make them look brown.

    Here's how I fill in my brows with Pixi Natural Brow Duo:


    1. Use the pointed edge and fill in the underside of the brow quite sharply.
    2. Turn the brush to the side and work with light movements upwards in the front edge of the edge, so that the edge is filled in without the top side also getting a sharp edge.
    3. At the highest point, the straws are often more downwards, and then you can work in the same way with the pen firmly from top to bottom. That is, in the straws' own direction.
    4. Use the pointed edge to the end of the eyebrow as well.
    5. Brush the brows with the gel, also in the straws' own right.
    Then it's ready!



    In the pictures in this post I have the shade Deep Brunette. The pens are available in 3 colors and the 2 available HERE right now are Natural Brow and Deep Brunette:

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    Just shout out if you have any questions! :)

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    1. Oh what a nice result!
      I have long hated my eyebrows because I ruined them when I was younger when I picked them way too narrow and the shape is not the one I want it to be right which I regret now. Can you build up eyebrows with this if you have very narrow and thin eyebrows? It looked really good and that it could be a solution for my eyebrows !! :)

      Hug Felicia

      • Yes, absolutely, it's going great! :) Paint outside the edges with short hand movements, do not paint as a line because then the brow will be very painted. With the Pixi natural brow duo, it is easy to paint on the skin and still get a natural result :)

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